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Why should food packaging choose marking and coding equipment?

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
Concepts such as online shopping, Internet of Things, new retail, and consumption upgrades have continued to deepen in the past few years. After 80s to 90s, and 00s, mainstream consumption shifts have allowed China's food and beverage industry to enter the industrial restructuring, and the food market is diversified development trend. Personalized food packaging is an opportunity to revitalize the traditional food market. Enterprises will transform fully automated smart packaging production lines and adopt digital printers, marking and coding equipment, etc., which can be mass-produced, instead of labeling or patterning simple and mechanically like traditional equipment. Local printing, which can realize one-to-one customer customization through powerful digital printing technology, and can complete 100 kinds of snack foods at the same time online customization, to meet the needs of consumers for personalized products. The food industry is undergoing great changes and is developing towards a trend of diversified and individual consumption. Enterprises should make efforts in product Ru0026D and innovation, in production and manufacturing, and in enterprise distribution channels to cater to market consumption trends. Marking and coding equipment flexibility: automatic processing of variable data, the system software contains a variety of required one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, to achieve digital printing. One of the major characteristics of marking inkjet equipment is environmental protection: UV ink has high weather resistance, high water resistance, and green environmental protection meets the standards. Flexible collocation and digital, flexo, laminating, cold, die-cutting, slitting and other functions are integrated into one, ready-to-use, unimpeded.
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