AROJET industrial digital UV variable data inkjet printers have been designed and developed using high technology. We now have many models with different functions and features such as high-speed, wide-format and multi-colored inkjet printers. They are widely applied to a variety of industries, to provide our customers with high-resolution and high-precision inkjet printing solutions for variable data  QR code, barcode, date code, etc.




AROJET designs a whole set of customized solutions for customers according to customer requirements, including recommendation of inkjet printer model and numbers of print head, confirmation of online and offline installation, from quotation and delivery to installation,  training and after-sales service.


We provide confirmation, manufacturing and implementation of the customized data in the full process. We can redesign both software and hardware based on current standard models according to customers special requirements. While keeping the same quality, we ensure more convenient installation, easier operation and simpler maintenance, deliver high-quality and best compatible inkjet printing systems to customers.



AROJET specializes in research and development, manufacturing and sales of industrial digital inkjet printing machines. We have many models of inkjet printer with different functions and features. Focusing on quality and customer first with 15 years of experience in inkjet industry, we strive to move towards the world, providing high-quality inkjet equipments and good after-sales service for more customers.


The training of quality awareness, the dynamics of communication and cooperation between the industries, the introduction of inkjet printing technology, the celebration of major holidays and the rewards for employees from the promotion of sales performance, our AROJET family creates a serious, tense, harmonious and pleasant culture atmosphere, in which each of us can learn, grow and progress. Also through various media channels of transmission, our customers can keep abreast of our latest products and technology.



We have provided a large number of industrial digital inkjet printing systems to customers in many industries which fully met customer requirements and were highly praised by customers. The successful cases collected not only keep records of completed inkjet printing solutions for our company, encourage us to continue the improvement and innovation, but also share these information with our customers, to improve their trust to our products and mutual cooperation.


 Focus on customers, we provide customers with meticulous pre-sale and after sales service.

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