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UV inkjet printing and traditional printing business cooperation assistant _ digital inkjet printing _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
- we also marvel at 08 Yu Delu feast for inkjet, a year later, in May, ChinaPrint2009 exhibition in Beijing, we see the domestic enterprise independent brand commercial inkjet digital printing machine - jie eagle C4200 founder was born. On May 12, 2009 in ChinaPrint2009 exhibit on the meeting day, jie eagle C4200 held a launch founder, in a short new products conference, winning network reporter to interview the founder electronic technical director, vice President and research and development center general manager Mr Yang bin. Inkjet technology -- is no longer foreign said Mr Yang jie eagle C4200 founder digital inkjet printer for color printing, adopt continuous paper printing mode, can be very convenient for monochrome and color double-sided printing, wide width of 420 mm. Jie eagle C4200 is according to the current situation of the development of China's digital printing and commercial printing habits development aspects of your digital inkjet printer, using UV inkjet printing ink, the physical accuracy of 360 & times; 360 dpi, print precision can be up to 1080 dpi. Jie eagle C4200 target market is the short version of the printing business, the name of the C means CommercialPrinting ( Commercial printing) The meaning of. Before jie eagle C4200, founder has launched two inkjet printer with independent property rights, the eagle H300 and jie eagle L1000, respectively for high-throughput printing and label printing. At present in China's guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, xi 'an has five H300 and two L1000 actual production application in the enterprise. And even more proud of is, the British international institutions agents-the inkjet printing analysis report, published in the new have founder electronics as a global supplier of inkjet technology. Founder electronics in the 20 years has been committed to user for China printing industry to provide advanced products and solutions. Mr Yang told, in 2005, founder electronics decided to start to enter the ink-jet printing field, a feasibility study. Complete the original rational prototype in 2006 began to develop. Founder electronics research team of more than 100 people, from the perspective of the digital label UV inkjet, after three years, jie eagle H300 and jie eagle L1000. Again after a year of struggle, jie eagle C4200 for commercial printing is now available in China, and the next step is for publishing in the field of inkjet printing digital printing equipment, founder electronics are in place, believe that will meet with you soon. Use cost - inkjet technology occupy a certain advantage on the market at present commercial digital printing equipment mainly in the form of ink is divided into three camps. Camp is HP Indigo series. The second camp is represented by xerox love carbon powder series. And the third camp is 08 drew on the fledgling inkjet printing. And electrostatic imaging and HP Indigo compared complex equipment structure, ink-jet printing equipment structure more simple, so in terms of the device itself, and ink-jet equipment price will be lower than the other two ways; In the use of cost, at present for sheet-fed digital printing equipment, a lot of charge to transfer certain equipment suppliers, and ink-jet equipment just need to pay for the material cost, if used properly, the use of flat on each image has a very high cost competitive. UV ink, environmental protection, high quality second, because, the eagle C4200 using UV ink, the ink jet out of the image clarity is gorgeous, color lasting, at the same time with the sort of UV ink inherent brightness glazing after. And UV ink can be quickly solidified under ultraviolet light, as long as the permission of the print head print speed, in theory, the paper rolls of inkjet printing printing speed can be fully and rotary offset printing, sheet-fed ink-jet printing is also can achieve the high level of the offset printing, just because of the print head technology has not been so advanced, so the production speed in comparison is restricted by the accordingly. And UV ink of environmental protection, also prompted the development of this way of printing can more long. China packaging net
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