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The inkjet printer adopts multi-language programming to improve productivity

by:Arojet     2021-07-30
The inkjet printer is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, beverage industry, cosmetics industry, stationery industry, automobile manufacturing industry, industrial pipes, chemical industry, electronics, electrical industry and other occasions. It has a real clock and can print information that changes with time. Such as date, shift, text, batch number, but also print characters, product names and logos. Because it adopts non-contact coding technology, it can print codes on almost any shape objects, and can print on a variety of materials without being limited by size and texture, including glass, plastic, rubber, PVC cables and Pipes, various metals, magnetic materials, etc. The inkjet printer adopts multi-language programming, can choose a variety of operating languages, and uses a full Chinese operating interface, which is more convenient to use. It can print in multiple directions, including side jets and top jets, and can print at the same time. Edit new information to improve productivity; with pattern and date editing functions, you can edit patterns and date formats at will, with powerful functions. The problems of the inkjet printer applied to magnetic materials for marking (1) The inkjet printer has no automatic feeding device and needs to manually discharge the workpiece, which is slow and low efficiency; (2) The workpiece is sent by the conveyor belt after coding In the loading box, the polarity marking direction of the workpiece is reversed and disordered, and the marked products need to be manually arranged according to the polarity requirements. The work efficiency is low, and manual operation is easy to make the polarity direction wrong.
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