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Standing in the digital printing of 'schools of thought contend' in the field of inkjet printing, digital printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
Takeaway: at present the price war, spray glaze technology application in the field of inkjet, breakthrough traditional ink-jet technology topics, such as industry related to ink jet technology and a number of well-known enterprises divided. Shortly before the relevant institutions in the article 'who miss guangzhou exhibition 2015' launched a vote, to understand the industry focus on what type of information during the exhibition. Results showed that the inkjet, glazing spray, spray, ink and other related information more votes. Notable is, at present the price war, glaze spraying technology in the field of application, traditional ink jet technology breakthrough, industries related to ink jet technology and a number of well-known enterprises in the differences. On the subject of a price war, some people think that, ink and inkjet machine price can no longer continue, and there are also firms think that the current price competition is not to the point of war; Technology of spray glaze, some people think that is not mature, want to spread also need to experience a long time, and the big resistance is not derived from technology, and some people think, of course, spray glaze technology is already very mature, now need to make more breakthrough innovation; Value of inkjet technology mining, some people think that the combination of inkjet and polishing brick will become hot property, questioned penetration glaze polishing brick market, however, are abundant, the disagreement is very sharp. A motion: price competition has become a price war? Pro: price war can no longer continue to enter the Chinese market price at the beginning of imported ink about 58 - 620000 yuan/ton, the domestic market in sales but 3 tons; Group of Chinese ink is about 28 - price 320000 yuan/ton, the market in sales of nearly 200 tons; Today the market price of the ink, the average price of several mainstream brands, including imports in 70000 yuan/ton, the market of monthly sales have close to 2500 tons. TaoCheng newspaper reporter also learned that although the industry in the ink price can be as low as 40000 yuan/ton, but that is not low, some well-known ink enterprise technical director told reporters, the understanding to lower the unit price is 30000 yuan. In actual visit, many famous ink enterprises have expressed surprise, 30000 yuan per ton of ink, quality stability must be suspicious. Ink price competition, inkjet machine. In 2014, the ceramic enterprise business difficult to do, to a certain extent also had impact on the price of the inkjet machine. Exterior wall tiles with inkjet machine, for example, about 2012, price of each in more than 400 ten thousand yuan, the middle price in more than 200 ten thousand yuan, and it fell below $700000 already. Floor tile with inkjet machine prices is also very obvious, originally sold to more than 700 ten thousand yuan of the floor tile of inkjet machine, now the price is 2 million yuan. And traditional inkjet machine profit margins are lower than 30%, or even close to 20%, and the equipment maintenance cost is high, ceramic enterprises in choosing inkjet machine wants to keep prices down as much as possible, this has also led to a lot of inkjet machine enterprise gave up the innovation, will focus on the price. Fanfangguandian: price adjustment is the inevitable result of market economy, there is no war or no war as long as there is competition, it must be not low, only more low, some ceramic ink enterprises and even the price as low as 40000 yuan/ton; But can be called brand, must be those who have a certain audience and able to get the right product for the market for a long time, the dow ink is always at a high price advantage and localization of integrated services to win the user's trust. For those without the brand ink makers, they think that this year's development situation is not optimistic. Inkjet machine number close to saturation, and the application of ink with different ratio and the application of ceramic factory habit is different, eliminates the pattern continues, also has the very big development space for the brand. Any price and the value of the product may not consistent, there will be price competition, and winning or losing is relative, the winners have a relatively broad definition
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