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Ricoh launch two new industrial inkjet print head _ new industrial inkjet print head

by:Arojet     2021-04-28
RICOH announced two new industrial inkjet print head: RICOH MH5421F and RICOH MH5421MF. Ricoh will begin from June 2017 to accept these two orders for the print head. RICOH MH5421MF and RICOH MH5421F print head is designed for low viscosity ( 6 mPas) And medium viscosity fluid ( 11 mPas) 。 The print head into ink circulation structure makes jet can achieve high stability performance. This structure which makes the ink nozzle after continuous flow, thereby reducing or jamming due to ink jet failure risk caused by air bubbles. Each print head has enhanced bonding technology, in order to improve the durability. With these new features, ricoh MH5421 MF and MH5421F print head can be provide with a broader enhance the compatibility of the fluid. These functions, leading to: by providing improved print quality and productivity, improve the reliability of single print is fast curing ink improved the reliability of the system, such as pigment inks, white or metallic materials to improve the reliability of quick dry ink system remove the air bubbles in the ink chamber, in order to realize the fault since the recovery of single jet flux system: the print head bracket remain in a fixed position, and underneath the printed materials in transmission, a single complete the print image. In the textile, labels, packing and ceramic tile industrial printing market, more and more need to meet the various needs of customers, such as smaller volume and shorter delivery time. That would require fast digital printing industry to provide more flexibility and productivity, thus increasing the demand for the print head, so as to provide more sophisticated image quality and high productivity and higher reliability. RICOH MH5421F and RICOH MH5421MF provide high resolution printing, to support its industry partners and customers to meet the market demand. RICOH on 25 April 2017 solstice 27 industrial printing technology exhibition held in Orlando, Florida InPrint launch RICOH MH5421F and RICOH MH5421MF and other industrial printing solutions. China packaging printing industry network
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