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New VP485e on-demand inkjet printers display _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
Packtech exhibition in 2009 in a joint exhibition KTEC group and VIP color technology companies to launch a new VP485e on-demand inkjet printer. The audience to understand on this exhibition VP485e printer all functions, and can appreciate KTEC group has created a series of on-demand printing label products.

KTEC executive director Mr Robert Knox said: we are VP485e printing presses made adequate preparation. VP485e printer will be replaced as the middle-grade VP2020 printing label printing machine and a huge success. VP485e printing faster and produce higher quality products, in 101 per second. 6 mm speed, the printing width is 51 mm to 216 mm. And it is also compatible with HP HP company produces special ink, the ink can prevent UV fading.

KTEC European marketing director Jules says Mr Farkas: KTEC group can provide on-demand labeling system for a variety of industries. For VP485e this type of on-demand label printing machine, the development of its market potential is enormous. Company can according to need, to print a reasonable price tag. The system has a high cost performance, brand label manufacturer can print out the wonderful full color label, grab our attention and quickly received feedback warehouse.

based in Redditch KTEC group was founded in 1993, with its influence in the field of food and drink, for a variety of markets provide desktop label printing system. The group is composed of four branch, they provide the barcode and labeling system respectively, art design and label production, product sales and R& D electronic tags. Consumers may take a few weeks waiting for the label print it out, they cannot accept more tag costs rise. Have VP485e, consumer can according to their need immediate access to a large number of high quality label products, and there is no waste and warehousing. Jules explained Mr Farkas.

have high printing quality and hemorrhage ability VP485e printing machine can be 1219 mm in length on the web or on fanfold paper printing, the printing machine is also equipped with adjustable type label positioning sensors and automatic loading convenient operation function.

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