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紫外- LED technology favored in the field of digital UV inkjet printing

by:Arojet     2021-04-27

  UV- LED technology in the field of digital UV inkjet printing application at an early stage, development space is very big. 紫外- LED low consumption, less heat, more and more popular with the customers.

  UV- LED technology has been successfully applied to the commercial label print EFI Jetrion 4000 UV inkjet printing machine and label number die cutting solution. The system is also applied to other printing methods, such as adagio printing, letterpress printing, aluminum foil printing, and HP Indigo digital press, involving industry have wine, cosmetics, health products, electronics and automobile manufacturing, etc. < / P > < P > Phoseon Technology company specialized is engaged in the research and development of UV Technology, production of UV products, such as UV - LED curing system. Tom, vice President of the company market marketing Molamphy 09 UV - LEDs used in UV printing market prospects, especially in the packaging and label printing, promote UV - technical improvements The wide application of LEDs. < / P > < P > UV - Molamphy said before LED technology is applied to digital print hard be overcome obstacles as technology innovation. For example, UV - now The LED luminous intensity and power are better than the traditional UV arc lamp; Long wave UV - Without charging A curing UV inkjet printing ink and related products prices are lower. And from the customer's positive experience, to promote the UV - LEDs technology innovation. < / P >

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