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Label printing enterprise 'introduced label digital printing equipment opportunity' _ label printing, digital printing technology, _ the domestic new uv inkjet printing equipment

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
Takeaway: digital printing has become an upsurge of overwhelming printing industry. On the attitude of the digital printing, label printing enterprise, from initial doubt, wait to try. It is worth mentioning that there are a small part of the label printing enterprises to do the digital printing business are flawed.     Rapid development of digital printing technology & emsp;   In recent years, in addition to the market for digital printing equipment manufacturers with label, traditional printing giants have also label areas, such as Heidelberg has also introduced new technology and new products. Digital printing in technology because of diligence and ascension is obvious, mainly reflected in the following respects.     1. Higher production efficiency & emsp;     Digital printing in the printing speed and variable data printing format, output ability improve, satisfy the highly automated, large-scale, intensive production requirements. In printing production speed, for example, in 2008 years or so, the market mainstream label ink-jet printing equipment, production speed is almost in CMYK mode in about 20 m/min, far lower than the speed of the traditional printing. And at present, the mainstream of UV inkjet equipment around 70 m/min running speed, is even higher, enough to match the traditional printing.     2. A broader range of optimum printing & emsp;   Substrate scope is more and more widely, especially the realization of the white ink printing, inkjet printing substrate scope expanding gradually to transparent materials, metal materials. In addition, digital printing can also be in leather, wood, organic glass, stone and other materials printed on, its scope of services involved in various industries and fields. That is to say, in addition to air and water, digital printing can play on any material characteristics.     3. More color printing & emsp;   In terms of color, digital printing has made great breakthrough. In addition to the basic four CMYK color, the color such as orange, purple, white ink are very common, performance is more mature, especially suitable for label printing with color and special color requirements, such as brand color or color anti-counterfeiting. In addition, there are some special digital printing inks, such as introducing the Eckart JetFluid ink, this is a kind of special demand for the development of digital printing ink of metallic ink, can be in any nonmetallic material surface, through the digital printing to print out the metal effect.     Printing color gamut is more and more widely, the accuracy is higher and higher, the progress of the digital printing ink greatly stimulated the expressive force in the market for digital printing, digital print is gradually accepted by people in the domestic. At present, the digital printing ink market is prosperous, active in the field of digital label printing ink manufacturers. Not only has the label such as HP, kang, printing equipment manufacturers, large ink, like the sun chemical companies are also positive for introducing new digital printing field.     4. Attachment combination ability & emsp;   Ink jet printing is very flexible, it can be used as a module is installed on the traditional printing production line, wire combination printing and traditional printing production line, complete the variable data, personalized printing part on the label, so that the traditional printing technology and digital printing technology to achieve complementary advantages, form a combination. If FFEI Caslon can be loaded into the NilpeterFA flexo platform, the milt XFlexX6 upon with European meter, research and development of digital inkjet technology JETPLUS digital printing unit, etc.     In addition, digital printing machine attachment processing technology has been very mature, prepress, printing and post-press link more closely, more competitive this one-stop service. Front-end in printing, digital printing corona device can be connected before printing, after printing, can connect laser die-cutting, exhaust, slitting and rewinding devices, etc. Feijiu net
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