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June 1 HP inkjet consumables price increases will be formally _ HP, inkjet consumables, prices rise, authorization adjustment _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
Recently, HP announced that from June 1, will be an increase in the price of its inkjet consumables and supplies distributor for authorization. HP this small raised wide inkjet printing and photo printer consumable price. The price adjustment is effective on June 1. According to HP, the move is a conventional portfolio management company. But according to other related analysis, the price changes a lot may be subject to the ink-jet printing business volume decline and the recent printer supplies and sales revenues shrink. And lexmark and kodak exit the inkjet market, HP might therefore think that reduced competition, to improve the timing of the price. Last year, HP and lexmark took the printer consumable price boom, then, xerox, Canon, brother etc. OEM also join the consumable materials rise in price. Of HP in March this year to raise its large-format printing consumables. At the same time, HP announced that it will adjust its dealers for authorization. HP small wide and large format printing consumables and laser printing consumables will be listed as licensed products, or in the future, only authorized dealer can sell HP related consumables. China packaging net
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