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Inkjet printing family add new members - — TX400- 1800 d inkjet printing machine printing

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
In recent years, digital ink jet printing and dyeing industry a dark horse. As the representative of the individuation, vogue and rapidly changing digital ink jet printing technology power now printing and dyeing enterprises to adapt to the business model from the traditional to the small batch, individuation, rapid response the transition of the new business model. Recently, the MIMAKI launched inkjet printing product. At present, the textile printing market mainly in medium and small batch printing order. Textile dyeing terminal product structure is undergoing profound adjustments, guided by customers personalized, more quickly into the end demand forced firms to abandon the traditional textile and dyeing mass, slow changes in the business model: on the one hand, enterprises face to shorten the delivery time, improve product quality, reduce inventory costs and improve services of the pressure, must make a quick response to changing market, and continuously meet the personalized needs of product development; Consumers, on the other hand, has not satisfied with the previous mass production with the standardization of products, in the product into the individuation and diversification of consumer demand has gradually become the trend of textile industry development. Agreed with personalized digital ink-jet printing, vogue and rapidly changing consumer trends, and adapt to the traditional business model to the small batch, individuation, rapid response the transition of the new business model. Recently, Japan's royal priest ( MIMAKI) Launch of TX400 - 1800 d inkjet printing machine. The machine appearance concise, fine printing, the effect is very good, can transfer paper and all kinds of fabric. It can be used to transfer paper printing, also can be directly spray on textiles printing; The nozzle height adjustable; With functions of continuous ink, can guarantee the long time continuous working characteristic. TX400- 1800 d inkjet printing machine of cartridges each nozzle has two interfaces, after the ink cartridges when in work, the system can automatically switch to another ink cartridges, empty cartridges can supplement ink without stopping. The unique high performance computer image processing software; RIP, using 16-bit image data, makes the gradient effect more fluent, can show different multiple image data, has showed more, finishing, zooming, inversion, rotate, copy and other editing functions. China packaging printing machinery network
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