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Inkjet printing European fast printing industry development, the short version printing, digital printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-10
It is understood that after the European debt crisis, Europe the development of the printing industry is in trouble. Now plus terminal market demand for personalized printing board, many European printing enterprise have to digital printing and printing development board, a lot of people are targeting the ink-jet printing plates, moreover also pay attention to the green environmental protection performance of printing equipment. Former executive vice President of MBO, the chengdu new new materials co. , LTD. All equipment in the German general manager Mr KlausBeckbissinger is briefly introduced the current situation of Europe and the United States after printing market, and to do the corresponding analysis. Mr Klaus said: currently the printing industry in Europe is not very good, the economic crisis and other factors lead to printing industry in trouble, But countries such as Poland, the Czech republic and Russia development is relatively fast) , in order to out of the woods, many European printing enterprise is to develop in the direction of digital printing and printing board, by contrast, long printing demand. In eastern Europe, for example, there emerge more favor a high degree of automation, adjust faster post-press equipment of the enterprise, and, after they focused on digital printing and digital printing has for a long time. Mr Klaus recalls: American enterprise from 1982 in 51000, and now only 18000 ( Which may include consolidation, are not necessarily fail) 。 Two polarized phenomenon in the United States and China are similar, is also very obvious, some printing are relatively low-end printing enterprises. The lower part of the printing enterprise equipment is old, that would restrict its development. For now, the United States the present situation of the development of printing industry, advertising printing volume fell sharply, market is more and more like small batch instead of short board printing, consumers are increasingly keen to obtain the information you need through the network. This further reduces the printing quantity of print. So for equipment makers, some simple operation, higher degree of automation equipment become their production. In in order to find a new way, European and us companies will be focused on inkjet printing way, according to a study released InfoTrends, according to a report in 2006, put into use of the world's high-speed color inkjet printer only 20, 2010 more than 200 units. Are expected to be put into use by the end of 2013, the color of the ink jet printer will amount to more than 500. The current inkjet printing equipment like this on the rockets, from 2006 to 2010 in four years' time, growth rate of 1000%, these a few years the growth rate of more than 2006 global usage. Visible, enterprise has found the 4 years a variety of channels, so would some predict the end of 2013, put into use the color of the ink jet printer will amount to more than 500, the net increase of 300 units. European printing equipment manufacturers pay more attention to environment and low energy consumption, so the machine when not running down, doing this can save electricity 800 euros a year. Germany's equipment manufacturing or to use durable for the principle, the equipment life cycle is long as the design concept. China will experience such a phase: reduces the speed of large equipment, equipment automation degree is high, easy to use the machine will increase. China packaging printing machinery network
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