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Inkjet printing equipment precision decided to print quality printing technology and printing equipment, uv_ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-10
Takeaway: nozzle is the key component of inkjet printing equipment, photo machine, spraying machine, UV flat-panel printers, inkjet printing equipment applications, nozzle, plays a key role in the it technology and printing precision determines the print quality of ink-jet printing equipment. Pictorial machine such as the application of inkjet printing equipment, we compare the common nozzle, such as: series piezoelectric nozzle, ricoh nozzle and konica nozzle. This article in view of these three common nozzle, the following simple for everyone to share the related introduction. Inkjet printing equipment technology and printing precision decided to print quality, EPSON nozzle Japan EPSON nozzle, the nozzle ESPON pictorial machine in Japan era has been independent in volleyball, in MIMAKI, ROLAND, expressions using series, such as Japan's pictorial machine can see the figure of EPSON nozzle, the current domestic equipment also began using EPSON DX5 lead the development of the domestic large-scale photo print machine, proportion as we piezoelectric pictorial machine manufacturers, such as shenzhen mutoh MT series indoor-outdoor piezoelectric pictorial machine adopts is a high performance and high precision of the fifth generation of piezoelectric nozzle. Two, konica nozzle: konica shower shower nozzle is double row into the refill tube, flow pressure evenly. Ensure the quality of printing. Some of the brand is a single row. 512 konica nozzle is fully enclosed nozzle, waterproof, prevent aging. Konica nozzle for ink compatibility is poorer, ink has strict requirements for different seasons, sensitive to environment temperature change, the nozzle plate, stick to the ink will burn out nozzle, work under high and low temperature are easily broken ink, service life in 1. The following 5 years. Three, RICOH RICOH nozzle: RICOH nozzle is mainly used in the class of industrial UV printer, like most of the overseas import nt machine is use RICOH nozzle. The same industrial spray machine, ricoh printed effect is good, clear analyse, basic can achieve print effect. Double row into the refill tube, ink is exquisite, grayscale print. Fully enclosed nozzle, waterproof, prevent aging RicohGen4 nozzle has a built-in constant temperature system, print the voltage with the temperature adjustment, can obtain a more stable state of print. Nozzle of the circuit board is full metal package, can soak ink, not cause nozzle damage, nozzle life longer, can use 3 - normally 5 years, piezoelectric nozzle is a success. A single nozzle of a single color control, all steel structure corrosion resistance of nozzle, there are both speed and effect, but its drawback is relative to other type sprinkler machine is expensive. Shenzhen mutoh
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