AROJET designs a whole set of tailor-made solutions for customers according to customer special requirements. While keeping high quality of the products, we ensure more convenient installation, easier operation and simpler maintenance, deliver high-compatible and high-efficient inkjet printing systems to our customers.


  • -Recommendation of inkjet printer model, print head number and array method.
  • -Confirmation of online and offline installation.
  • -Redesign of software and hardware.
  • -Delivery, installation, training and after-sales service.



Digital variable data inkjet technology conforms to the development of high-tech modern logistics industry and regulatory industry. It can achieve one object one code and traceability. AROJET industrial variable data UV inkjet printer series are widely used in the printing of variable QR codes, bar codes and numbers on product and packaging in a variety of industries. With the industry advantages following up with the times and the product advantages of quality and price, our products are becoming more and more popular in the market and highly praised by many customers.

-Combined with traditional printing,complemented each other, to achieve variable and a wider range of printing.

-A wide range of suitable printing materials. Wood board, crystal, PVC, ABS, PET, PP, BOPP, acrylic, metal, ceramics, glass, plastics, leather, stone materials, and various thickness of  materials can be printed.

- A variety of printing contents. Variable two-dimensional code, one-dimensional code, bar code, pictures, numbers, Chinese and English letters, symbols, etc.

- Variable inkjet printing is flexible and changeable. No plate-making is needed, printing as input, drying as printing, saving cost.

- High quality and beautiful UV inkjet printing. It is Waterproof,  sunscreen, non-fading, abrasion-resistant and anti- corrosion.

- Greens environmental-friendly, even better. No volatile organic  substances (VOC) included, completely harmless to the  environment and human health.


From the customer contact us initially, inquiring about the related functions of the inkjet equipment, our sales staff patiently explain, to the team carefully prepare the customer samples, then the contract is signed, our entire team meticulously prepare the inkjet machine, appropriate platform and other stuff. Finally the product is delivered, installation and training is completed. During the whole process, our team always puts the customer first, check the quality, and make the customer 100% satisfied.