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Inkjet printer production needs innovation, inkjet technology needs to increase autonomy

by:Arojet     2021-07-25
For many years, my country's inkjet printer production process has not changed or innovated much, and the small investment in inkjet technology research and development is extremely unfavorable to the development of the inkjet printer industry, and the development of the packaging machinery industry has also had a certain negative impact. In the face of this limitation, the production of inkjet printers requires innovation and development. Although the production technology and process of inkjet printers are difficult to innovate and change for a while, the idea of u200bu200binnovation and change must be possessed to improve my country's relatively backward inkjet technology. The inkjet printer is not only a machine, but also a good partner at work in the enterprise, a viable machine, and innovative inkjet technology, which brings fresh blood to the inkjet printer. To this end, we need to strengthen the study of foreign advanced inkjet technology, strengthen the research and development of innovative inkjet technology, improve the production process of inkjet printers, and improve the quality and performance of inkjet printers. Among them, the autonomy of inkjet technology is very important, and my country's inkjet printer industry lacks advanced technology and strong capital investment. Nowadays, the core technology and core components of inkjet coding need to be imported. Only when the autonomy of China's inkjet coding technology is improved, domestic inkjet printers can have a better position in the competition, not only the price advantage. At the same time, improve the independence of inkjet technology and increase the vitality of the inkjet printer industry, so that my country's inkjet printer industry can better develop in the international market.
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