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Ink prices or ChengTao enterprise introduction of inkjet technology good timing technology _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
In the near term, the domestic, as the system of science and technology, science and technology today, far Thai glaze, such as chemical companies announced developed domestic ceramic inkjet ink, and after several ceramic production enterprise inspection means of addition, TaoLiXi, and a number of overseas in ceramic production enterprise in ferro downgrades of ink price, say, the introduction of domestic ink broke the monopoly position outside the ink in the domestic market, the inkjet ceramic tile production costs down, also prompted branching channel and the surrounding ceramic enterprises in jiangxi have said will be the introduction of ink-jet printing technology in the near future. We have learned, at present, the branching channel and the surrounding region has inkjet technology and production enterprise and the number respectively is: sichuan new source ( 4) , king-touch ( 1) And new Wan Xing ( 1) , and milan ( 1) , built hui ( 1) And the east ( 1) , ( 1) 。 In addition, building cheung, a new peak, kuwaitis, nahuy enterprises also began to prepare for the introduction of inkjet technology, there would be more than a dozen companies for branching channel and the surrounding region has inkjet technology. According to, according to a branching channel, head of the ceramic enterprises the ink price to confirm our enterprise also introduces the ink-jet printing technology determination, with the speeding up of the ink localization process at the same time, prices could fall further, for our enterprise, the introduction of inkjet technology can not only upgrade the product, and can improve the grade of the product. Many insiders pointed out that along with ink jet printing technology in ceramic enterprises in the promotion and popularization, the demand for ink will be more and more big, this will stimulate domestic chemical pigment production enterprises to accelerate the development process of the ink. Ink completely localization trend is inevitable, ink prices will decline, which is ceramic enterprises a good time to introduce inkjet technology. QianLongWang
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