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Ink jet printing: rewrite history to create the future _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
Inkjet printing as a kind of new digital printing technology, is in into the mainstream of the traditional commercial color printing. It can be from a printed within the scope of the challenge to thousands of print run -- offset press. Were always ranks in the field of special printing, inkjet printing is mainly used in the range of the home and small office now marched into the field of offset printing. Before 2008, ink-jet printing technology in the field of offset printing market hasn't really been development, now dare to challenge the traditional commercial color printing, mainly depends on inkjet printing now can not only provide toner type printing equipment can be printed products, there are more opportunities to explore. Rewrite history although look from printing, inkjet printing is not a major way. But from major suppliers and production enterprise of the technology on funding and technology investment and promise, we can think inkjet printing has been raised to be a way to produce new levels of printing. In the main supplier of inkjet printing, such as agfa, kodak, Fuji film, can represent a typical in each category. Agfa, kodak and Fuji film this three giants of the film industry in digital cameras are seen after hard times, the three companies still choose image communications industry as the direction of its development, after years of development, their main products focus on three key areas: associated with offset printing film, plate and proofing. Because it is dangerous to single products to the company's survival, the industry giant to make their products can sell better, they need to put the product related upstream and downstream products are packaged together. In the past only film production company has disappeared. Plate, sheet and various forms of proofing bundled with other products as these companies successful survival indispensable elements. Electronic hardware proofing equipment, laser phototypesetter, and direct sales of plate maker also through sales of consumables. The current digital imaging quality also get like 3 m and kodak and agfa, dupont, fujifilm, konica minolta, the multinational companies such as these companies want to successfully adapt to this situation, can be to increase investment, to accept the reality. If they can't deal with in time, the development of the company is likely to radically change. The question now is how to from the original and very lucrative technology and investment money. Most vendors take the safe route, the choice is not adventure in the new field. After new technology firm to follow, so some old rivals will stop on the way forward, it also provides opportunities for latecomers. In the process of development of inkjet printing, kodak and agfa, Fuji film, in three key areas of inkjet printing developed series of products, in this time are inkjet printing ink, inkjet print head and coloring. But perhaps learned from electronic hardware business experience, they are going to through the sale of their own unique printing hardware or at least push inkjet consumables business. Digital prepress once in the process of reciprocating struggle between hardware, prompting suppliers to increase investment to develop hardware. By providing hardware and consumables, which play a role in the market the company is trying to fight for market share, to avoid being knocked out. Fujifilm inkjet printing as printing of the future. Agfa, EFI and HP seems to have the same view. Agfa in addition to sales of hardware, software and related products also have some unique techniques. Although EFI is the business enterprise inside RIP and your hardware into the printing industry, printing ink technology from the digital industry, after a few years ago buy Witt also accelerated the pace of in this direction. HP inkjet market from home and office supplies, turning to industrial inkjet market. Ink-jet printing the coming of the era of the rapid development of ink-jet printing for small professional printing company, the use of inkjet technology mean? Maybe there is no too much significance. Inkjet printing in the printing speed and cost compared to offset printing and gap, also cannot achieve instead of offset printing, the front has been talked of is auxiliary variable data and short version printing offset printing do this scope of work, in this area, inkjet printing and advantage. But according to the current ink jet speed the development of the market, in a few years, higher speed, larger production of inkjet printing technology will appear, is almost the same costs to will and offset printing, inkjet printing will have a significant impact to the product price, even would change the use of printing pricing model. Offset the profit pattern of also can see in the field of inkjet printing. At this time there will be more people admit that the timing is now into the ink jet printing. , when we enter the era of inkjet printing enterprise will be able to manufacture different types and more number of print, the printing cost is low, and it has more flexibility. Now, more and more reputable suppliers have joined the contention of inkjet printing, optimistic people agreed that the inkjet printing has come, some are four printing way firmly occupied areas are beginning to see the figure of inkjet printing. Now is to take a look at the digital printing can do something for you.
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