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Industrial inkjet company will launch a new _ industrial ink jet ink-jet printing unit

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
News: at Labelexpo Americas exhibition, industrial inkjet companies ( 工业喷墨) Will launch its ColourPrint ink-jet printing system for label field production. This ColourPrint142HQ inkjet printing system adopts the konica minolta inkjet print head. According to introducing, compared with the early products, this product is more stable and more easy to use. Our new printing unit with 720 & times; High resolution 720 dpi, in the same type equipment to print speed, high printing quality, industrial inkjet company general manager John Corrall said. I believe it can bring new business opportunities for users, but also can promote the digital label market into a new stage of development. Actually we launched in 360 dpi devices, many clients already feel joy, also have many clients want to digital printing quality and production speed to catch up with the level of flexo. This new see Colour Print let us away from a step closer to customer's requirement, I believe that this will be a new digital ink jet printing field quality standards. It is understood that industrial inkjet companies will be in the konica minolta company exhibited the booth of the new product, the booth number is 5924. Based in Cambridge, the British firm is also a konica minolta ink-jet printer product regional service center. Labels and labeling
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