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Industrial inkjet company came out with a short version of the label _ industrial inkjet printer company, label printer

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
- based in Cambridge, inkjet expert industrial inkjet ( IIJ) Company has launched a can show the inkjet label printing cost effective UV digital label printing machine. The printer is called TIJ 2048 c / 400 and the Czech republic by industrial inkjet company Paper production enterprises Tecom Paper joint development, can in a variety of substrates including adhesive on the short version of the label printing. According to IIJ company, the device volume to the volume of the transmission system can accommodate more paper roll diameter is 620 mm; The average speed of 20 m/min; Can deal with large width is 400 millimeter substrates; It also adopted the alleged in single channel label printing for reliable konica minolta KM1024 print head. IIJ company general manager, said the label market contains a lot of opportunities, and available for Tecom printer for enterprise to bring the ideal inkjet solutions. Net win
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