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High-speed inkjet printing _ will have wide applications in the broad prospects for development, digital ink jet printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
Takeaway: now it is high time to high-speed inkjet printing technology, to keep up with the pace of the development of high-speed inkjet, need to understand the present situation of the high-speed inkjet printing market. Now it is high time to high-speed inkjet printing technology, to keep up with the pace of the development of high-speed inkjet, need to understand the present situation of the high-speed inkjet printing market. Market growth situation is high-speed inkjet printing technology last year a good year, according to the end of 2014, according to data from the new high-speed inkjet printer worldwide sales rose 22% year-on-year, printing has increased by more than 35%. Regardless of it's position in the development cycle, compared with other printing market, it shows the high growth rates. So far, distance high-speed inkjet printing production line was built for 8 years, the world is only about 800 companies and high-speed inkjet technology. Last year the world high-speed inkjet printer printing of print runs for less than 1% of the total, this means that the current market is still in high-speed inkjet technology early in the development cycle, compared with other printing technology, high-speed inkjet printing technology can also maintain high profit margins. 2013, more than half in the high-speed inkjet printing printing is replace monochrome continuous feed electrostatic toner digital printing machine printing. Enterprise early installed into the paper printer toner also began to phase out in a row, electrostatic toner digital printing machine has reached the mature period, its productivity and efficiency of the inkjet printing technology has higher productivity than electrostatic printing. Now with printing by bill and direct mail mail high-speed inkjet printing system, so the transition from electrostatic toner technology to inkjet technology is relatively easy. In addition, one third of all high-speed inkjet printing printing from the alternative to offset printing. There are some short version of the offset printing can't print books printing. Such as, the personalized health care combined with a local doctor auscultation directory of individuality service, combines magazines and direct mail personality fashion magazines, as well as the rich content of financial statements, these are for the mass consumer market and is not only to provide individualized information customization. High-speed inkjet printing technology has the ability to variable data printing, productivity than electrostatic toner printer 3 ~ 10 times. In addition, compared with electrostatic toner, printing, color printing jobs to increase additional cost is small, it is also one of the reasons to promote the development of high-speed inkjet printing technology. High-speed inkjet printing is expected to further growth, is the result of recent inkjet system can be directly sprayed printed on coated paper and coating gelatine printing paper of technological progress. Applications development continuous application fields in the inkjet printing paper can be divided into four major categories: books and newspapers, direct mail, bill. Books Quad/Graphics is a printing company in the United States, was founded in 1971, the existing large number of books and periodicals printing business. Its acquisition plan of equipment and competition has become a business model transformation model of books maker. This is definitely a book manufacturing in the future, small orders and high frequency order forms will become normal. The plan marks after sales to book printing in the field of web offset press began to come to an end, from Timsons bankruptcy of the company. Direct mail direct mail the bill in the future I will meet a predictable concern is the increased cost of postage. The postage is rapidly increasing appears to cause a decline in the number of direct mail, but it will likely accelerate the development of the direct mail digital printing. Higher postage costs will mean that the higher the value of direct mail mail more small. These emails will need to have more relevance, contain more personalized, more operational products content. With the popularity of big data and the development of high-speed inkjet printing systems, printing these highly correlated with consumer goods information ability is developing rapidly. Bill printing types of such as have a personalized and to answer. Such as credit card bills, pension funds bill. Such applications are turning to inkjet technology for printing. Suppliers are exploring a cutting-edge thinking bill with personalized color bills as attractive, show in front of their customers. They will leave some valuable space in the print to advertisers. Newspaper newspaper publishing business model compared with other printing industry, in recent years by a greater impact. Because a lot of content providers from print to electronic alternatives. Newspaper printing quantity and delivery time pressure is one of the difficult pressure to expand. At present due to some people still keep on newspaper reading habit has fair newspaper printing. Due to the address known newspaper subscribers, according to a finer division of region printing related advertisements more attractive for publishers and advertisers. European manufacturers have been through several ink-jet system printing personalized ads in the newspaper and a great success. Summary now, not a printing segments such as high-speed inkjet printing of vitality. No matter from investment, innovation, and the future development of confidence. Perhaps its attraction is it at the time of printing enterprises demand help printing enterprise to obtain growth. We are likely to have close to this turning point. China packaging net
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