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Help the Chinese ceramic printing ink jet printing to realize personalized printing revolution

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
Takeaway: our country's modern building ceramic printing technology is the result of silk screen printing. After years of introduction and development, our country implements the ink jet printing technology in the field of ceramic printing again. China's ceramic printing their personalized revolutionary change. Modern building ceramic printing technology from silk screen printing (early Printing) In the first place. In the early 1970 s, the rise of modern building ceramic industry in our country, flat screen printing began to be popular. Silk screen printing belongs to a kind of hole printing, it is called with flat printing, letterpress and gravure four printing method. Internationally recognized as silk screen printing is a great invention in China, it has a history of more than two thousand years. But our country the mechanization and automation of ceramic tile of screen printing equipment, it is first imported from Italy. The 80 s this kind of flat screen printing machine to realize the localization, then to universal access. But the silk screen printing is a kind of planar printing, can't realize the ceramic tile is concave and convex surface printing, it is difficult to achieve diversity, on the surface of the stereo effect. For ceramic tile printing technology is the second revolution of roller printing. Roller printing machine with silk screen roller and rubber roller. Screen roller in his early years in Italy has been a large number of use, and introduced in our country is basically the upgrade version of the rubber roller. Now the rubber roller printing equipment has been adopted by many enterprises, from the individual to the process of calculation is also commonly but 10 years. Compared with the silk screen printing, roller printing is a kind of flexible printing, the breakthrough is that can realize the concave and convex surface printing, making the surface of the brick levels more rich, the nature of simulation is higher. But, just like clothing, as people pursuit of vogue, individuation, simple printing already cannot satisfy people's needs, this trend has forced ceramic manufacturers must keep the retrofit for change and innovation. And the use of ink jet printing technology in the production of personalized ceramic tile, also arises at the historic moment. Ceramic ink-jet printing on silk screen printing, roller printing than in the past, has many incomparable advantages. It can meet the personalized requirements in a very short time, better suited to today's ceramic tile decoration fashion, personalization, small batch, more the trend of design and color. Archaize brick production rapid development in recent years, some varieties such as imitation, fake log bark glaze tile surface is uneven stereo, its glazing printing is silk screen printing and roller printing can realize, only inkjet printing can be handy follow one's inclinations. Inkjet printing has been known as China ceramic printing technology of the third industrial revolution, be valued by more and more domestic ceramic enterprises. Look from the current situation, is expected in mainland China ceramics industry within three years will complete a historic transformation from roller to spray printing. If failure to complete this change quickly in China ceramic, so domestic ceramic enterprises will probably want to Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. These countries with lower production cost. At present our country has individual ceramic companies involved in ink-jet printing technology, however usage appears to be not ideal, but with the involvement of more ceramic enterprise, is expected to open the new situation. Inkjet printing has changed the traditional printing technology, the realization of the contact with the brick noodles don't needs to print, can achieve multi-angle, high compactness, glaze, ceramic tile completely rendered 3 d building surface design effect; Inkjet printing more realize one-time printing on the surface of the ceramic tile stereo modelling. When it comes to this, certainly a lot of people will sigh digital ink jet impact to the traditional screen printing, whether the ceramics jumping over the next three years to happen, or is a marching garment printing industry, digital ink jet screen printing undoubtedly has become a big threat. But because of inkjet technology is still in development, if you want to rob to occupy the traditional screen printing market also has certain technical barriers, coupled with the current material and equipment costs are very high, so the price is on the high side, so now inkjet printer temporarily not alternative threat to industrial screen printing press, but it has a lot of opportunities to do so. This need to all screen printing policymakers attention and long-term investment plan. Net win
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