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Global fast color desktop inkjet printer in the republic of Korea, South Korea, the printer

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
Recently the CTF, LG to global market claims is the world's fast color desktop printer. ; LGMachjetLPP6010N。 It is understood that the device is due to the south Korean LG electronics and high-speed color printing technology Memjet cooperative research and development of suppliers around the world. LG electronics is consumer electronics, mobile communications and global companies and technology innovators in the field of home appliances, has more than 120 operations in the world, the number of employees more than 93000 people. In 2010, the company's global sales of 55. 8 trillion won ( Us $48. 2 billion) 。 LG contains four division: home entertainment, mobile communications, household appliances, air conditioning and energy solutions. LG yes flat-screen TVS, mobile devices, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators producer. Memjet is a global color printing technology, the technology can realize the speed and moderate price. The company's original equipment manufacturers (for the printing industry OEM) Partners with technology and components. Memjet corporate headquarters is located in San Diego, and in Dublin, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei and Boise Idaho has offices. The company is a non-listed company. Machjet on 60 pages per minute to achieve a resolution of 1600 x800dpi high quality color output beyond existing printer. Memjet proprietary PageStraightArray ( PSA) Technology through a single print head pack over 70000 ink-jet printer, inkjet head density is a traditional 17 times the size of the print head, which makes Machjet per second on a sheet of paper to release more than 700 million drops of ink. Memjet, President and CEO LenLauer said: by moving the Memjet benefits and LG brand effect, the core technology of enterprise competence as well as a wide range of distribution network, the combination of LG will for improving the efficiency of office printing and reduce the costs associated with the south Korean customers create exciting new value. It is understood that such innovation as the Memjet the status of intellectual property rights in the industry, its global owns more than 3000 have been approved and 2000 pending. China packaging printing exhibition network integration
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