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Eva shares 2013 product focus to digital inkjet machine _ _ local news digital inkjet machine

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
Near the end, the enterprise for next year's plan in market research, to develop more suitable for their own development direction, Eva shares next year will focus on the development of digital inkjet machine. Evergreen co. , LTD by digital inkjet printer in printing equipment, the size of the market explosive growth in another 3 years. Company has been in order, which can realize income next year, about more than 30% gross margin. 2014 - Potential growth in 2015, it is necessary to prevent the risk of game result of drug companies and drug administration and enforcement efforts, such as all drug firms to wait until after the purchase, is not so big production capacity. If it is unluckily, assigned to the company which is a considerable amount. Paper battery restricts the big problem is the cost of project, the company planning and production cost reduction through automation, but be until next year, 2014 years ago paper battery project can't be benefits, key still should see digital inkjet printing machine. Valuation and rating: 12 ~ 14 years it is expected that the company EPS 1 respectively. 26 yuan, 1. 56 and $1. 92 yuan, dynamic PE is 16 times, 13 and 11 times. Equity incentive to ensure the company's future earnings growth is at least 20% in three years, robust, Company 12 years in Q1, Q3 and Q4 base is lower, so the 13 years performance Q1, Q3 and Q4 will be compared to the better. Give the firm a dynamic PE16 2012 ~ 20 times, giving 6 months target price of 28. 08 yuan, to maintain buy rating. Hongyuan securities
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