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Digital ink jet printing power market demand printing and packaging to achieve personalized _ individuation, packaging and printing _ character printing and packaging

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
Takeaway: now printing and packaging market demand individuation and diversification, individuation, differentiation, and small batch products more and more get the welcome of people, in order to meet the requirements, the corresponding technical support is indispensable. As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the consumption demand more differentiation, diversification, personalization, and emotional, the printing and packaging market a major change. Market demand for small batch, individuation, differentiation product increasingly intense, short version of the quick printing packaging live and contains the variable information of live parts is becoming more and more goods, gifts and other consumer goods packaging also more into the middle class home. Market demand is protean, bring digital ink-jet printing and packaging the broad market prospect. According to smithers pie, new research shows that the global digital ink-jet printing and packaging market in 2014 to 2019 years of strong growth, annual growth will remain at 12. About 7%. Advertising is still the ink-jet printing important market, but in 2014 and 2019, advertising inkjet market share will drop to 58. 7% and 46%, in 2014 - and printing and packaging market The average annual growth rate will reach 15 during 2019. 9%, and has huge potential. In 2014 the national packaging gross value of industrial output 1. 48 trillion yuan, after the United States the world's second packaging superpower. According to national statistics, four years before 11th five-year plan, China's packaging industry gross annual growth rate at about 18%, far higher than the average growth of the national industry, to achieve the supernormal growth. 38 main industrial categories in the country ranked no. 14, become one of the pillar industries of national economy development, is also a digital inkjet printing need to focus on developing the vast heaven and earth. China digital inkjet printing has made great progress in recent years, high-performance ink-jet printing equipment in the advertising market has large scale instead of screen printing, UV plate type inkjet printing equipment in paper boxes, cartons, paper honeycomb and remarkable achievements in printing and packaging applications. International headed by HP digital ink jet printing enterprise after years of carefully cultivated in the Chinese printing and packaging market, vigorously promote, increasing investment, took part in a lot of paper, printing and packaging BBS, digital printing and packaging exhibition activities, rapidly enter the digital ink-jet printing technology and equipment of Chinese printing and packaging enterprises. Along with the rising cost of labor, industrial upgrading, the diversification of market demand, the demand of the automatic, digital and intelligent equipment will be more and more, China's packaging market of huge potential, digital ink-jet printing is just meet the development of printing and packaging big market demand. According to the forecast, digital inkjet printing in the printing and packaging market will show high speed growth, application field will expand rapidly, especially in the field of product packaging and transportation of paper and to retail, show the promotion of easy packaging ( RRP) To corrugated color box as the theme of the paper as a kind of promising green packaging, due to its advantages of biodegradable, easy to recycle and are widely used in all kinds of consumer goods and the packing and shipping areas, developing rapidly in recent years. With the maturing of the Internet and the popularity of online shopping, the market puts forward higher requirements on paper. In order to adapt to the requirement of modern packaging, paper is gradually to lightweight, high performance, multi-function, multi-purpose direction, such as digital printing and packaging in the field of paper will be of great use. Retail packaging easily can send products to consumers in the hands of a single package, can be directly take on shelf without having to assemble or disassemble. Such packing has the function of advertising and display products when the product prepared through transport package arrived in store shelves when also can save operating cost. Due to the retail packaging powerful eyes absorption ability and display function, in the mall, shopping malls display the products promotion function has been widely used. In addition, because this kind of packing the products by the logistics transport state in a few seconds to switch the arrival of the goods shelves to display and save the cost supermarket or retailer's tally. In the Chinese market, as labor costs soaring, increasingly fierce competition of the commodity, digital inkjet printing will play a prominent role in the retail packaging. Net win
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