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Color ink-jet printing paper with a new generation of nanometer calcium carbonate

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
China shandong news, grand technology co. , LTD. ( ShengdaTech) Is the domestic nanometer calcium carbonate ( NPCC) And petrochemical products manufacturer, has introduced application in the color inkjet printer with paper - NPCCB - nanometer calcium carbonate products 100. < P > NPCCB - 10 research and development work is the grand Shanghai technology research and development center of science and technology and jinan Anne paper co. , LTD. ( Jinan Anne Paper Co. 有限公司) Do together, new nanometer calcium carbonate products as ink jet printer paper provides the high quality of paper coating raw materials used. The paper coating need to delicate appearance, good touch feeling, good can print and color durability performance. NPCCB - 10 can make paper surface more bright white, smooth and ink absorbency is more, and increase the paper toughness, reduce paper titanium dioxide or kaolin to add bright at the same time, so as to reduce the cost. < / P > < P > 'we are very glad to be in color ink-jet printing paper with calcium carbonate product breakthrough. This technology will greatly increase the application in the field of nanometer calcium carbonate in papermaking and paper coating. 'Grand technology CEO Mr. Chen to SpecialChem says,' big science and technology has always been committed to the development of paper industry in the r&d department of nanotechnology development of calcium carbonate products, including the application in the field of nano calcium carbonate in paper coating. Nanometer calcium carbonate filler as a kind of high performance coating, coating can effectively increase the mechanical properties, mechanical properties, color performance, etc. In the meet coating requirements at the same time, reduce the production cost of coating. Our research and development center has also been tong north American papermaking enterprise close cooperation, expand the application in the field of nanometer calcium carbonate products in the international market. '< / P > < P > Anne paper is one of the major material suppliers in China, the main products include color ink-jet printing paper and thermal fax paper, cash register paper, ATM paper, POS slip, phone list, and copy paper, computer printing paper, thermal transfer ribbon, etc. < / P >
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