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China's domestic news inkjet industry development speed

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
In recent years, more than the national region inkjet products show clear rising trend. Shandong linyi, shenyang library and Jiang Xigao Ann from inkjet equipment has obvious rising trend, the linyi region inkjet production line have been springing up. It is understood that since the first half of this year, sichuan branching channel region inkjet products manufacturing enterprises a trend of blowout, there are new sources, new Wan Xing, in milan, 15 enterprises with inkjet equipment, such as constructing hui, relevant personage discloses, by the end of this year, branching channel region inkjet equipment or will be increased to 22. In addition to the branching channel region, shandong zibo inkjet machine line since last July, has soared to 130 units, 80% in zibo wall brick enterprises use inkjet equipment. Rubber roller of ink jet printing technology compared with traditional printing technology, in terms of cost, operation, design and color has obvious advantages, is now used in inkjet technology in the field of ceramics has been fully mature, inkjet ceramics products almost cover the medium cities, while in other areas, such as whole glazed ceramic products, microcrystalline products are also widely used. Inkjet is extremely rapidly, the development of more than people expect, now inkjet technology matures, next year will probably cause a new round of price war. Cao said.
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