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Basic network printing printing industry continues to develop digital technology _ printing market, screen printing, digital inkjet _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
Takeaway: as economic growth slowed, printing market also shows a tendency of serious supply exceeds demand, make printing market into silence period, need a year and a half or more time to consume excess capacity. In such a special period, the screen printing more and more enterprises begin to put the focus on the hard skills, more busy orders before time, pay more attention to technology research and development and innovation, authors efficiency gradually become a focus of the industry. Although the screen printing with the development of the demand of the market is still relatively strong, but don't watch the sunrise industry dissipate. Along with the social development, technology updates, all of the printing industry will inevitably face the update. So the current screen printing enterprises are sure to also want to where, let alone print slogan 'transformation and upgrading has been shouted, printing turmoil so, must not silk screen printing of evolution. With the continuous development of industry, the current basic have silk screen printing combined with digital technology. A well-known research institutions: a set of data survey in 2015, the forecast has been more than 80% of the enterprises adopt the screen printing digital printing technology. Screen printing digital development is faster, but in the meantime, many problems have appeared in the digital, such as more prominent, serious polarized phenomenon: on the one hand, there are still a lot of enterprises are still stranded in the artificial operation stage, and this kind of screen printing technology of artificial gold content is not high, is easy to be copied, resulting in small batch printing enterprise, low-cost market chaos. On the other hand, technology development, the digital ink jet machine. Digital inkjet have the same printing and silk screen printing, but the more accord with the demand of social development. And in the printing and dyeing industry, the average profit of digital ink jet printing in 9 yuan/meters. And only about 40% of the traditional, dye, and only 5% of the ink was washed in the post-processing, the pollution load is small, only 1/15 ~ 1/25 for traditional printing. In addition, the dosage of the digital printing process water and energy consumption is greatly reduced. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing for energy consumption per ten thousand yuan output value of only about 1/10 of the traditional printing, energy consumption of every ten thousand yuan income is only about 1/30 of the latter, these characteristics are clearly the future printing enterprise transformation of the mode of development goal. Although digital inkjet printing has unique technical advantages in materials, market prospect, but the printing technology in the development of China's current popularity is far less advanced developed countries. With the development of technology, both domestic brands and foreign brands, domestic solar cells are extremely pay attention to the improvement of silk screen printing technology, new product launching. Competition points not just for the accurate rate and low breakage rate, but also highlights the proportion of the overall cost reduction, in addition to the emphasis on the performance of the equipment, the appearance, such as area, compactness, pay more attention to after-sales service, more than the service soft power considerations, such as silk screen printing equipment into competition and competition. In addition, the unique advantages in screen printing in the printing industry, the diversification of advertising space bigger or packaging specifications, both circuit board details the requirements and photovoltaic panels detailed requirements, can be screen printing has risen from width ( The requirement of substrates) To precision ( Combined with the digital technology, for the product printing) 。 Although the screen printing equipment in new cluster, but their price is not cheap. Brand competition is more but it failed to reduce the price, profit margins highlands of knowing, and many industry enterprises in the market channels and promotion fees are also rise year by year. Combining with the above industry present situation, we can see the screen printing enterprises of hard and soft power gradually in the equally important position, seek more local market in the localization operation, has become the most enterprise strategy is the important step. Technical strength set up the confidence, the market development and maintenance of channels, this is the silk screen printing companies need more efforts.
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