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Automated coding equipment highlights the mainstream of future development

by:Arojet     2021-08-02
The inkjet printer is a high-tech product. It is a device that is controlled by software and uses a non-contact method to mark the product. It is the latest product developed and has a series of advantages. It is suitable for various industries, especially large Medium-sized production companies are most suitable to use automatic coding equipment, the machine can be set to automatic continuous printing, imported nozzles, simple operation, powerful functions, small amount of consumables, the equipment is the latest generation of high-speed UV inkjet printers, suitable for single-sheet medicine , UV printing variable data system for food packaging, bills, card making and other fields. Only by branding, standardizing, and standardizing inkjet printer companies can they have a promising future, and strive to improve the quality of their inkjet printers, and improve the brand image of inkjet printers with quality, and gain a good reputation. The development of China's inkjet printers has also undergone many changes before it has formed today's more mature form, greatly improving work efficiency. Today's automated coding equipment is controlled by computer, with high degree of automation, good performance, cost saving, high precision, wide adaptability, beautiful and practical, functional modules can be configured according to the actual needs of users, to obtain the best cost performance, and provide a variety of printing Width and speed selection. Inkjet printer manufacturers are mainly engaged in UV inkjet printers, P8 and P9 series. UV printers provide perfect markings for variable data product packaging in various industries, and automated inkjet coding equipment with personalized and unified stability. In the inkjet speed and production efficiency Significantly improved, using environmentally friendly, non-toxic UV ink, can be coded on paper, self-adhesive, metal foil, PET, PVC, PE, PP and other substrates, the quality is stable, and meet the different needs of printing companies. Eliminate the worries of customers.
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