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Arojet industrial customized for label

Arojet industrial customized for label

Arojet industrial customized for label

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Application Scope
Arojet's inkjet marking printer has wide application. Here are a few examples for you.Arojet always adheres to the service concept to meet customers' needs. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions that are timely, efficient and economical.
Product Comparison
inkjet marking printer, manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has reasonable structure, excellent performance, stable quality, and long-lasting durability. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market.Arojet guarantees industrial inkjet printer to be high-quality by carrying out highly standardized production. Compared with other products in the same category, it has the following advantages.
Company Advantages
1. The raw materials of Arojet inkjet coding equipment are paid 100% attention during selecting. The defective raw materials are all eliminated before entering the factory and thus they are of high performance.
2. Due to its inkjet coding equipment , has been widely used in many applications such as inkjet marking equipment .
3. Guangdong AROJET Ink Jet Technology Co., Ltd. keeps flexible and customer-oriented over the years.
4. The product shows dynamic in the market.

Product Oerview

AROJET SP-9600 wide-format digital variable data UV inkjet printing machine adopts KYOCERA industrial piezoelectric printhead with 108mm  wide-format configuration. A small number of printheads can be used to achieve large format inkjet printing, to reduce complicated location adjustment. The printing speed is up to 150mm/min. with photo level resolution and minimum text height of 1mm. High image quality and high resolution and grayscale can be gained.

The UV curing ink used can be printed directly on various materials, suitable for a large variety of printing materials, such as printing variable barcode, two-dimension code, character, number, etc. on glass, acrylic, wood board, ceramic tile, metal plate and so on.

Arojet industrial customized for label-1

  • SP-9600’s human-friendly software and optional streamlined printing modes, adapt to industrial online production, and meet customers more extensive inkjet printing requirements.

Arojet industrial customized for label-2

Product Features

  • ◈  Wide-format inkjet printing, reduce number of printhead.

  • ◈  Resolution: 600*300dpi, speed: 150m/min.

  • ◈  Resolution: 600*400dpi, speed: 100m/min.

  • ◈  Resolution: 600*600dpi, speed: 60m/min.

  • ◈  KYOCERA print head, durable,long life and high quality.

  • ◈  Excellent blackness and high definition.

  • ◈  Outstanding inkjet printing stability.

  • ◈  The minimum character height printed is 1mm.

  • ◈  Can both be installed in customer’s production line and be self-equipped platform

  • ◈  24*7 hours continuous running, improving production efficiency.

Arojet industrial customized for label-3

Product Specifications



Printing software:

MagicData variable data-editing software

Print head type:

Industrial piezoelectric print head (KYOCERA)


Provide interface to support second development

Print head life:

100 billion actuations per print head

Ink control:

Negative pressure for ink control, positive pressure for nozzle cleaning

Print head material:

Stainless steel, Nickel alloys & Epoxy adhesive

Ink type:

High-quality Eco-friendly UV ink

Print head width:

108mm (single print head)

Ink color

Single color

Nozzle quantity:

2656 pcs (single print head)

Curing type:

UV-LED curing

Nozzle rows:

4 rows

Printing speed:

0-150m/min. (Affected by material, resolution, environment, platform etc. factors)

Printing modules:

4 groups

Lengthways printing precision:


Max. width of printing:


Crosswise printing precision:

200dpi-1200dpi adjustable

Distance from print head to material:




Material feeding way:

Single piece, roll to roll


1.39m*0.83m*1.50m (print head case+curing case)

Power supply:

AC 100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz

Working temperature:


Interface type:

USB 3.0 optical fiber data transmission

Environment humidity:

20%-65% RH

Product Videos

Product Applications

● Can be installed online in the platforms as below:

High-speed flexographic press

High-speed full rotary label printing machine

High-speed gravure press

Automatic inspection machine

High-speed slicing & slitting machine

Varnishing and laminating machine

Paging machine

Arojet industrial customized for label-4
● Can be applied to a wide range of industries as below:

Plastic, wallpaper, advertising cloth, glass, wooden board, ceramic tile, metal plate, PVC plate, corrugated board, etc.

Variable two-dimension code, one-dimension code, character, number, image, etc.

Textile and clothing

Electronics, hardware

Food, beverage and wine

Medicine, drug and health care product

Arojet industrial customized for label-5

Print Head

SP-9600 model adopts KYOCERA industrial piezoelectric print head, with 108mm wide format, which can print much wider content with fewer print heads. Dense ink droplet stable jetting with 2656 nozzles per head and high image quality of 600dpi and five-level grayscale, enable it to achieve high precision and high definition printing effect and bring new opportunities for your business expansion.

  • ※  Ceramic nozzle, high resolution and long service life.

  • ※  Four kinds of ink droplet size.

  • ※  Powerful nozzle compensation function.

  • ※  Automatic substrate thickness measurement. Printed substrate thickness can be up to 50mm.

Arojet industrial customized for label-6

Printing Software

Model SP-9600 adopts AROJET MagicData printing software, which is customized for variable data inkjet printing. It offers a human-friendly interface to interactively set printer options, manage and maintain print head, and monitor printing status. With easy operation and maintenance of the printer, MagicData greatly enhance print productivity and efficiency. The software provides interface to support the second development, to achieve versatile inkjet printing applications.

  • ※  Ink drop size setting.

  • ※  Print head temperature setting.

  • ※  Automatically print selected job in fast mode.

  • ※  Customized template and layout design.

Arojet industrial customized for label-7

Printing Ink

AROJET wide-format inkjet printer model SP-9600 uses high-quality UV ink. Compared to ordinary ink, UV ink has relatively stable physical properties. It is non-flammable, safe and convenient to transport and use, with no corrosion and no volatility. After inkjet printing, the UV printed content passes through the UV-LED curing system very fast to achieve quick drying. The cured UV ink is high-adhesion, anti-corrosion and friction-resistant with good uniformity, high vivid and excellent quality. UV ink is widely applied to printing industry, provides more delicate and high quality printing to many industries.

AROJET attaches great importance to the ink safety, provides MSDS report of the ink and conducts regular SGS testing for the inks.

  • ※  Eco-friendly. The ink test result conforms to RoHS standard.

  • ※  Outstanding printing adaptability.

Arojet industrial customized for label-8
Arojet industrial customized for label-9
Arojet industrial customized for label-10
Arojet industrial customized for label-11

Company Features
1. Guangdong AROJET Ink Jet Technology Co., Ltd. has made outstanding contributions to the inkjet coding equipment industry in China.
2. The capital technology of Guangdong AROJET Ink Jet Technology Co., Ltd. is now very rich.
3. We are reducing our operational greenhouse gas emissions and waste, and working with our logistics and procurement partners to improve efficiency and environmental performance. We design our products to be maintained and upgraded to extend their life. And, we make it easy and cost effective for customers to return their unused products instead of disposing of them. Get more info! Our core value is always treating customers with respect and faith. Ranging from all aspects of our business processes, we always adhere to integrity and business ethics. Get more info! During the course of development, we have aware of the importance of sustainability issues. We have established clear goals and plans to set our actions to gear to achieve sustainable development.
Packaging & Shipping


The main characteristics of LV series  

LV series machine not only has good spindle function, but also has excellent ATC tool changing speed and fast displacement speed, which ensure the machine’s high speed and high efficiency.

Best option for mass production of automotive parts processing, electronic consumer products parts processing

For LV-855 and LV1160, three-axis adopt high-speed roller rail, which ensure the high speed and high efficiency, meanwhile improve machine rigidity.

1, the machine body structure is firm, can withstand the inertia produced by high G movement

2. High speed mute screw and mute rail make less thermal displacement and higher precision

3, Fast reaction of the vertical high-speed spindle makes the drilling tapping efficiency greatly improved

4. Three-axis 48m high-speed displacement can save 50% of non-processing time

5. The imported three-axis shield protects the screw rod rail and prolongs the service life of the machine tool

Standard Configuration

l  Air Gun

l  Tool Kit

l  Energy Saving Light

l  LED Caution Light with 3 Colors

l  Auto Lubrication System

l  Automatic Switch

l  Rigid Rap

l  Rotary Control Box

l  Operation Manual

l  Oil Cooler for Spindle

l  24 Tool Magazine

l  Full Enclosed Enclosure

l  Mechanical Oily Water Separator

Applicable to                    

High precision and high finish 3C spare parts, hardware processing, mold processing, auto parts production, die casting processing 



Technical Data Sheet                       

Company Introduction                  

XIAMEN OSAIL TEK CO., LTD (OSAIL TEK) is a high-tech enterprise, dedicated to CNC research, development, production and sales.


With professional technical support, high performance and reliability, favorable price, stylish designs and after sales service, our machines are extensively used in various industries, such as hardware, mold carving, automotive, 3C, medical machinery, crafts industries.


“KING STEEL” is our independent brand name. 




Precision Assembly                 

The machine’s precision assembly is not only depends on the parts’ precision, but also depends on the assembly method. To ensure the product’s accuracy, OSAIL TEK insists on completing all the assembly 100% by ourselves, grasping every detail and each step, and refining the assembly process. Each procedure has been rigorously tested and recorded before proceeding to the next step.


First-class Processing equipment 


Imported Spare Parts              

The major spare parts are imported from Taiwan, Europe, America or Japan. Meanwhile, we adhere to our own technical innovation and assembly experience to ensure the products accuracy and extend the service life.

Machine Tool Accessories              

Machine tool accessories: abundant machine tool accessories for customer’s options to meet the processing needs of different type spare parts.

Configuration Option 

Cooperative partners              


Company Inspection and Exhibition 





Why choose us              

1.    World brand-- Due to the high quality and low cost, OSAIL TEK has maintained a certain percentage of international market in the past ten years

2.    1 Years Warranty –12months after after the clients receive the machine, 7*24 hours on-line service

3.    Honors – OSAIL TEK gains patents and certifications, ISO9001:2008 quality control system

4.    Global service –Experienced technicians, applications skill training, on-shelf replacement parts availability, preventive maintenance programs.

Contact us

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are intersted in our production.

Arojet inkjet marking equipment has a rather appealing appearance due to the efforts of our own professional and innovative designers. Its design is reliable and time-tested enough to meet the challenges of the market. Its revolutionary clean surface is easy to clean and can stay clean for a long time
Arojet inkjet coding equipment designed by a group of experts, combines aesthetic look and practicality. There is no threat of leaks from bolts or gaskets
The production of Arojet inkjet coding equipment uses well-selected materials to meet different needs. The product is well praised in the global market, like North America
Arojet inkjet coding equipment boasts reasonable design compared to traditional type. Its one-piece design can effectively make use of bathroom space.
The whole production of Arojet inkjet coding equipment is completed independently in our technologically-advanced production facility. There are no spots, pinholes, and blisters found on the surface of the product
Outstanding mechanical properties of this product is known. With remarkable loading strength and overpressure withstanding ability, it can endure daily heavy use. There are no spots, pinholes, and blisters found on the surface of the product
The product stands out for its good deformation resistance. Made of heavy-duty materials, it is able to resist a certain load and remains its original shape. Its base is sturdy enough to support the whole product
It is highly resistant to rust. With an oxide protective layer, its surface can stand up the damage of wet environments. Logo can be printed to cater to customers' demand
The product features ease of use. The display gives full visualization of current machine status, including cycle time, idle time, efficiency, and parts life status. It has a premium antimicrobial function
The product is designed for rigorous working conditions. Its excellent mechanical properties enable it to work stably in low and high temperature, humid environment, or corrosive conditions. Its modern style perfectly blends in with the surrounding environment
The product has good chemical properties. It has been pre-treated to stand up the corrosive condition, such as chemical liquid environment. It is firm enough to withstand any collision and impact
For manufacturers, it is a value-for-money product. It promotes economic growth by increasing productivity and cutting production costs. There are no spots, pinholes, and blisters found on the surface of the product
The product helps cut labor costs. Its high efficiency and multi-functions enable manufacturers to hire fewer workers. Its one-piece design can effectively make use of bathroom space
The use of this product helps strengthen operators' experience or deeps their technical know-how, which enables them to have vast knowledge on the use of machines. It has a premium antimicrobial function
It does not require much human involvement except for repairs and test runs, the incidence of accidents and injuries is also reduced. The product requires less maintainance fee due to its reliable stucture design
The product allows for increased efficiency through higher levels of automation, removing the giant need of workers for the whole work. High-temperature firing will not cause damage to the product
The product helps reduce power loss and increase energy efficiency. This will directly contribute to the reduction in production costs. The product is well praised in the global market, like North America
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