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Zhongtian Iron and Steel independently improves the intelligent coding robot

by:Arojet     2021-07-27
Recently, the intelligent coding robot for continuous casting billet working in ultra-high temperature environment independently developed and improved by Zhongtian Iron and Steel was officially put into use. This technological transformation is expected to obtain a utility model patent for automatic robot coding equipment in ultra-high temperature environment. It is understood that the clogging of paint pipes and spray gun nozzles is a common problem of smart coding robots, especially in high temperature environments, the paint will easily form keratinous agglomerates and block the nozzles. In this regard, the Information Engineering Department of Zhongtian Iron and Steel formed a project research team, which lasted half a year to reform the hardware facilities of the coding robot, replace the coding pipeline with high temperature resistant materials, strengthen the cooling system, add a filter system, replace the sensor, and rewrite it. The software system optimizes the program path to make it more suitable for on-site use and simpler operation. In addition, the company has also independently improved the blank inspection method, changed the original mechanical inspection to laser inspection, and rewritten the inspection program, which greatly increased the inspection range and inspection distance, and independently wrote the program to combine the coding robot with the ERP system. Realize the real-time update of the coding data and data docking with the production system. According to statistics, after self-improvement, the failure rate of inkjet robots downtime due to clogging has been reduced by 80%. At the same time, compared to relying entirely on third-party manufacturers, this technological transformation can save 600,000 yuan in Ru0026D and procurement costs, and can be realized Autonomous maintenance, reducing operation and maintenance costs.
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