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Xaar inkjet printing technology manufacturer, stuck in the second half of the development of China

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
< P > international inkjet printing technology manufacturers Xaar company declared recently, because of their three Chinese customers' payment of import tariffs, the outlook for the second half of the company in the Chinese market is not optimistic. < / P > < P > this morning out of the survey results show that the annual growth rate of 13%, the company's turnover, this year has reached 22. 3 million, 4. 8 million fewer than pre-tax interest. < / P > < P > however, the company said sales in China, is a huge market, but they do because in China, three customer questioned import duties payment problem being investigated, thus affecting the next six months business in China. The survey is directly affected their credibility of other customers in China, and the order quantity decreased. It is affecting all the company's sales, because in the past year, the company's sales more than half are produced in China. < / P > < P > it is understood that the survey period will be from July 19, the last 90 days. Xaar company itself does not participate in the survey. < / P > < P > the company chairman Arie Rosenfeld said, 'when can our business in China's recovery, are still not sure, but it will affect our performance in the second half of this year. We believe that the Chinese market in a long time for Xaar - in the future -based the potential demand of the product, we still are optimistic about the prospects of the Chinese market as well as other parts of Asia. '< / P > < P > the Chinese printing and packaging network < / P >
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