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XAAR inkjet head on the outer packing code anti-counterfeiting application of inkjet printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
At present, more and more manufacturers an considerable attention to the brand protection, in order to better protect the brand, manufacturer will play yards inkjet technology as a product packaging anti-counterfeiting technology. Through specialized software, ink-jet printer can print different coding on each product, the technology used is relatively simple, don't need a big change packaging form can make the product has the traceability function. Using inkjet technology of coding can be used to control the product quality and internal product tracking and the continuity of the code can contain simple code, discontinuity, concealed code or machine readable code. British XAAR inkjet printing technology has been very good application in the field of outer packing code, its on-demand inkjet printing technology can be folded cardboard boxes and other substrates on a platform, from above to print, or use the print head scanning jet printing, or at a fixed under the print head of mobile platforms. This process means that ink can be sprayed on any surface, even in this kind of convex concave surface corrugated board to spurt the code also does not have any problem. Based on XAAR gray printing technology, unique XAARLeopard again the quality of the print head can approximate the photographic printing, is designed to spray UV curable printing inks, can be in plastic products, such as bottles, boxes and printed on the label, so as to make the product packaging transformed into a marketing medium.
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