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With the development of science and technology, industry new technology emerge in endlessly. At the same time, the progress of the new technology tends to bring the development of industry economy. At present, the printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
Industry technology innovation are mainly concentrated in the following seven areas; Network printing, mixed, B2 wide digital printing, high-speed inkjet printing, wired digital printing technology, offset printing online cold after printing and transfer printing technology. Printing breakthrough space constraints network printing, not a way of printing, but rather a printing solution, with the support of network, the printing enterprise not only can breakthrough the limitation of space, into a wide area of the marketing, low cost, automation, to provide customers with 24-hour uninterrupted service, but also from the terminal to collect scattered personalized needs of consumers, make it become the beneficial supplement of the existing business sources. In the supply market, the suppliers in this field very much, including Heidelberg, HP, kodak, etc. In the market, their network printing printing enterprise quantity is increasing, but it must be admitted that only a few successful people, how to realize the essence of network printing, prepress process of building enterprise automation and standardization of operation specification, is still a long way to go. Suitable for the mixture of personalized printing with traditional printing enterprise continuously to develop the field of personalized printing, on-demand printing and digital printing technology and increasingly deepening of offset printing technology integration, digital printing and offset printing attachment mixed printing technology arises at the historic moment. This technology can realize the fixed and variable information attachment overprint, give full play to the mass of offset printing, low cost, high speed and the advantages of personalized digital printing, improve the production efficiency of enterprises and product added value, can bring 1 + 1 & gt; The effect of the two. This technology has already been launched, but not mature early, until last year drew the fair, to change. Kodak, global group companies have solutions, such as mature technology development. From the application level, foreign hybrid printing technology is relatively common, but is not common in China. Believe in the future, with the increasing of people's individual needs, hybrid forms of printing technology will bring more innovative products, the market will be increasing, bring more benefit for the enterprise. B2 wide digital printing has huge potential for a long time, wide all is one of the limiting factors of digital printing is widely used, but in the last year drew the fair, B2 wide digital printing technology, it not only increases the width of digital printing machine, raise the productivity, and also to enhance the ability of printing on a variety of substrates, thus make digital printing reach out to a broader field of packaging and printing can be. Has very much at present in the field of equipment manufacturers, including HP, Fuji film, etc. , in the domestic, the tiger colour, dongguan CTPs also introduced B2 wide printing presses, B2 wide digital printing equipment in the next few years, will contribute to the digital printing printing growth. Rapid development of ink-jet printing high-speed inkjet printing technology in recent years both in principle and has achieved great success from the commercial applications, especially in the last year drew on the exhibition, some even the world in the JET. From the point of supply market, HP, kodak, screen and other international suppliers not only introduced a sophisticated equipment, the leading domestic digital technology; Of the equipment of the founder has a mature. In the aspect of application, the domestic high-speed inkjet printing technology has been the real application of henan xinhua printing companies such as choice, tiger color, the printing has begun to use the technology to carry out the on-demand publishing business. Believe in the future, this technology will bring the industry business between the depth of the landscape of fission and integration. Digital printing technology to create differentiation advantage after connectivity after digital printing technology is to point to accept the JDF standard file formats, can be implemented with prepress, printing and processing link up data sharing, short version, personalized online live parts all the finishing process technology. Attachment post-press equipment is mature, the market at present and has high compatibility, and may even make the combination between different brand equipment production. Such as hao le HSB8000 saddle stitching line and MBO folding function, different brand digital printing press and post-press equipment direct docking is more common. At the application level, the phoenix media, shandong rizhao has application cases. Post-press equipment must be in the future development trends of IT, the rate and variability, and the attachment after digital printing technology is the trend of the embodiment. Offset printing online cold printed technology whole offset cold isn't new technology, but in recent years, the technology has solved the original cold foil that limit the development of the utilization rate is low and the problem of high cost, can to integrate cold printing and offset printing, achieve high-speed offset printing with high quality and unique effect of cold wave surface finishing. At present, Heidelberg, man Roland offset press, such as giant has a mature solution. Tiger color, jiangsu bump color, and other enterprises have introduced this technology, to produce high value-added packaging products. Energy saving of the multistep stamping technology transfer stamping refers to a single operation to complete two or more than 2 times the stamping process of technology innovation. Advantages of the technique is able to finish homework in one device last ever need some simplex bit hot stamping machine to complete production tasks. Reduces the energy consumption, and improve the efficiency.
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