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With the development of economy, the computer has almost a hand, it promoted the development of the network. As an important part of people working and living, now

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
In the Internet has ushered in the new development opportunity, that's 4 g network. The birth of it will change many things, ink-jet printing or could usher in a new industry reshuffle. With the development of data communication and multimedia business requirements, adapt to the mobile data, mobile computing and mobile multimedia operation to the fourth generation mobile communication began to rise, ultra high speed data transmission to make it become the focus of attention. The arrival of the 4 g, let the rapid development of mobile Internet ushered in the subversive type, more let more screen interactive become one of the requirements of people love. As already in the transformation of traditional industries, mobile printing are fully subvert the traditional concept of printing; More than 2013 printing market, is each big manufacturer in the field of inkjet printing equipment, whether for family or business office users, in which are intelligent and mobile printing technology, it can not help but let's guess the ink-jet printing market in 2014, will become in the global completely-new a year. The personage inside course of study says: 3 g is activated the device, such as some application software can be used in mobile devices, such as smart phones, but these application software function is not strong, and the content is not rich; Transmission of information and 4 g bigger, faster and really opens the mobile Internet era. As smart phones and other mobile terminal application software, the APP application software has brought so much joy for people's life, and the emergence of mobile phone APP printing software, let more users in the use of printing equipment, completely subvert the traditional wiring trouble, easier convenient efficiency is also improved, more important is that it makes the trend of mobile printing more obvious. In new production in 2013, Canon launched MX series, at the beginning of this year all support mobile APP print, will move to print agitation; Followed by the brothers and Fuji xerox and other manufacturers, are in their own devices with built-in wireless WiFi, and support the App print module, whether business or household, make mobile trend further clear printing. And nearly at the end of HP and for home users, has launched a new mobile App print software. Brand new HP HP2548 and HP4518 inkjet all-in-one, bright spot is the built-in wireless printing module, support WiFi direct print and App print function. Earlier days, meanwhile, HP also launched a new HP 1200 w intelligent wireless print server, although he is just a magic box, but as long as the even, can let HP common laser printers, all-in-one, instantly as a new Wi - support Fi direct print and NFC print products, function is strong enough! Is expected in 2014, with 4 g in more cities spread, APP companies will have a tremendous opportunity. Similarly, had mastered the front pattern of ink-jet printing market, thanks to the App, NFC printing technology, the new progress of or move in 2014 in printing a new chapter! Business inkjet will be popular in 2014 will be doomed not to flat, 4 g's arrival has brought the year for the upcoming of the wave of science and technology for preheating, high-speed network will be more active market. Take stock in 2013, the major dynamic of office printing vendors, will find for the residential and commercial market launched a series of commercial ink-jet printing products, this also for ink-jet printing market in 2014 to do the stage ahead of time. Since 2013 at the start of the New Year, HP blockbuster launch second stage after series of inkjet printer HPPro576dw, products also have come on business inkjet printing equipment; HP by hot while the iron is hot for low-cost office users introduced a black and white HP3610, 3620 all-in-one inkjet equipment, fully meet user requirements, targeting commercial office market. At the same time, Canon also released early in the blockbuster series Canon PIXMA business inkjet all-in-one, support from mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices use App print directly, can also WiFi and sent via Google cloud print to print command, for mobile office in 2014 comprehensive coming ahead of the stage. If 2013 is gush fully launched a year, then in 2014, likely to be sprayed into the ordinary real enterprise, and is popular in the year! Considering the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection green printing, in comparison, the advantages of energy-saving mute inkjet printers are compared with obvious; From the user's attention the cost into consideration, now inkjet printing equipment, is a single page printing costs as low as a few cents, almost with the enterprise business office facor excited to play, therefore, the future commercial inkjet printer prospect is considerable. Inkjet printing is expected in 2014, will be universal access to the market situation, commercial inkjet will become the laser printing equipment replacement partner, whether in print quality, print cost, ease of use, or in color, experience, and functional applications, can let business inkjet for enterprise business office blossom its luster! The advent of the era of 4 g, provide vast space for the mobile Internet industry and infinite possibilities. In high-speed mobile before the arrival of the Internet, various industries are making ready, are ready to take on the 4 g high-speed network lift, period for the development of their respective infinite platform on full display in the future.
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