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Food Can Be Safer With Food Safety Traceability System


Food health and safety has always been the social pain point that the public is most concerned about. Whenever there is a food safety problem, it will cause business troubles and consumers to worry. Therefore, how to trace the traceability of food has become a major problem for the relevant food safety regulatory authorities.

Food safety traceability as a means of ensuring food safety, the concept is gradually known and accepted by the people, and it is highly valued and written into the new Food Safety Law. This means that the food safety traceability system has become our statutory clause and also clarifies production. The business enterprise as the main body to fulfill the responsibility and obligation of the food safety traceability system.

Internet + era of corporate branding! Based on the Internet, using the Internet of Things logo technology to achieve Internet + brand shaping, help companies to establish product traceability and brand anti-counterfeiting, through the online and offline sales channels to increase value, to create a high-quality corporate brand of the Internet + era! The state stipulates food safety matters. 

The current food safety traceability system for food enterprises is a major priority for food companies. Don't worry, the coding equipment enterprises will handle the whole process. Combining technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and LBS geographic information, through RFID and other sensing devices, communication networks and application platforms, using equipment technologies such as smart agriculture, anti-counterfeit labels and QR codes, the food safety traceability systemcan realize the whole process of food. It can be recorded, the source can be traced, the destination can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated.

The food safety traceability system collects the information of production, circulation, consumption, etc., and realizes that the source can be investigated, the traceability can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated. It is an effective measure to strengthen the quality and safety management and risk control of the whole process, and is also the implementation of the main responsibility of the production and operation operators. An important means to improve the effectiveness of food safety supervision and protect the public's physical health and consumers' right to know.

In today's globalized world, the food industry supply chain is getting longer and longer, more and more complicated, and sometimes beyond people's imagination. In order to achieve traceability in this context, the unification of standards is indispensable. In the process of implementing the automatic traceability system, the product code is always a key technology node. 

Anojie manufacturers can tailor the suitable Traceback QR code coding equipment for users, which can be applied to the QR code spray on various food packaging. Printed hardware equipment, which has high-definition coding, namely, dry-to-dry, UV digital printing, visual recognition, automation software integration, quantitative production of product traceability in production on the assembly line, and found that the code is abnormal and promptly inquired and kicked out to ensure each Product effective information query statistics, to achieve the effective circulation of the product "one thing one code."

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