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Traceback QR code coding equipment should be automated, information, and intelligent


The traceback system is “the ability to trace back the origin, purpose and location of an entity by means of a record identification method based on or using the recorded identity application. The product quality and safety traceback system has been developed in China for a long time, the QR code can be The traceback system has been won by many manufacturers in the society. In the application of traceback of QR code coding equipment in the field of product traceback, Anojie is in packaging, film, soft bag, carton, woven bag, electronics, and day. Chemical products, pharmaceuticals, etc. have successfully applied cases, combined with customer conditions to provide a complete set of code solutions, while providing an effective basis for corporate decision-making.

The main point of the product traceback system is that the unique identification code of the product can not be destroyed, and it is convenient for the effective reading and intelligent inquiry of intelligent reading equipment such as mobile phones. Anojie successfully developed innovative technology for invention patents, flexible packaging for composite films, etc. The material realizes the code to not damage the material, the inkjet code has no ink odor, and the spray code is strong and destructive. The application technology of retrospective QR code coding equipment is implemented, the content is fine and beautiful, and the recognition rate of the two-dimensional code is extremely high. Currently, the inkjet printing machine is in each The industry is gradually building the product case production logistics information management system, and realizes the benefits that information management brings to the enterprise.

The QR code has been familiar to many users and has been applied in various industries. The traceback QR code coding equipment can be used to sweep the application identification of multiple fields. The quality and security of one product and one code can guarantee the rights and interests of consumers first. In the event of product safety incidents, it is no longer difficult to protect rights by tracking system information and locking down the responsible persons. At the same time, consumers are also involved in product safety supervision, so that information can be fully transparent, automated, informatized, and intelligent. On the other hand, the quality of one product and one yard also guarantees the interests of manufacturers and sellers.

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