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Excellent X9 flexible packaging ultra-high speed inkjet printer

Industrial digital inkjet printing technology has broad prospects because of its advanced technology, wide adaptability of printing materials, printing flexibility as well as beautiful and stable printing with environmental protection. But there is still a certain gap between as for the printing speed between inkjet printing equipment and traditional high-speed printing press. AROJET technical team is constantly innovating and narrowing the gap. The newly developed X9 ultra-high-speed inkjet printer has a speed of 350m/min, which makes the inkjet printing speed reach a new level after X6. It is unique in the same industry.

X9 ultra-high speed digital inkjet printer adopts RICOH tailor-made print head, which has the features of high speed, high precision and wide format. It can print at seamless stitching with multiple print heads at the same time. It can be installed in high-speed printing equipment and post-press equipment on-line at customer site, as well as configure additional platforms for customers, to provide efficient jet printer solutions for many enterprises.

X9 variable data UV inkjet printer is specially designed for ultra-high speed one object one code printing, with printing speed up to 350m/min. It can meet the requirements of low error tolerance, high speed and high quality for high-end printing and packaging such as cigarette packaging and Tetra Pak packaging.

- RICOH customized print head, with high definition and high precision, to ensure high quality.

- Gigabit network is used for data transmission to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

- Accurate negative pressure control technology ensures continuous ink jetting, and constant inkjet heating technology ensures printing consistency of .the print head. 

- UV-LED curing, fast curing, good effect.

- UV environmental-friendly ink, no any volatile organic substances (VOC) included, and has no any harmful effects on the environment and human body.

AROJET variable data inkjet printer series can print variable two-dimensional code, variable one-dimensional code, variable numbers, graphics and characters on different materials with different thickness. Each model has its own outstanding characteristics. X9 inkjet printer, with its unique ultra-high-speed feature, is suitable for all kinds of flexible packaging inkjet marking and coding, providing customers with efficient and high-quality printing solutions.

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