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With digital ink jet printing technology development forum a complete digital _ a _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
Recently, by the Chinese printing and printing machinery equipment industry association and Beijing institute and digital ink-jet printing technology development seminar held in Beijing. Association leadership, industry experts and scholars at home and abroad with more than 20 industry manufacturers representatives attended the meeting, the meeting is the current world and Chinese digital ink-jet printing technology development present situation and prospect of communication and a great success.

the meeting presided over by association Xu Jinfeng secretary, vice President of Wang Demao made the opening speech, professor pu, vice President of the Beijing institute of printing, printing and digital printing equipment industrial association branch of China ms zhao the secretary-general, Beijing institute of printing machinery Chen Yiying respectively from the market for digital printing in China, from the user application perspective from the standpoint of the media, digital printing, digital printing market three aspects made a keynote speech, and did deep exchanges and discussions with the manufacturer's representative.

at the same time, in order to promote the development of China's digital and inkjet technology, promote the application of digital and inkjet printing technology, provide professional audience with advanced digital and inkjet printing equipment, for equipment suppliers during the financial crisis cheer up, try to overcome the difficulties brought about by the crisis, boost confidence, to overcome the crisis comply with the demand of digital and ink-jet printing industry development, the Chinese printing and printing machinery equipment industry association and Beijing research institute hosted China international exhibition of digital and inkjet printing technology ( D - 打印) In 2010 August 31 solstice on September 2, held in China international exhibition center in Beijing. Song Baozhi association deputy secretary-general introduces the exhibition information, enterprise representatives also mutual communication and digital ink jet printing in the field of advanced technology and the market demand, and hope that through the efforts of everyone common prosperity with digital inkjet market in our country. In 2009, according to information from the general administration of press and publication books digital printing production value of 75 billion in China, the traditional printing output value 60 billion yuan, digital printing production value more than traditional printing production. In 2010, with the development of national economy, the printing industry is bracing itself for the whole industry revitalization and economic recovery, digital printing will there will be a bigger development!

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