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Wide inkjet printers import tariffs will be reduced _ _ wide inkjet printer industry standards

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
Tariff commission of the State Council for review and submitted to the State Council for approval, since January 1, 2013, China will import and export tariffs on part of the adjustment. Treasury officials said, while maintaining the macroeconomic policy continuity and stability, China will further strengthen and improve the tariff regulation function, increase the pertinence and effectiveness of the tariff policy, adhere to the steady growth, structural adjustment, to grasp the policy of reform, livelihood and support enterprise independent innovation, promote transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, and strive to expand domestic demand, promote the steady growth of foreign trade and balanced development. To actively increase imports to meet domestic economic and social development and the consumer demand, in 2013 China will implement below for more than 780 kinds of imported goods HuiGuo rate of annual import temporary tariff rate. Among them, the new and further reduce the tax rate of products are mainly divided into five categories:; ; Spices, special infant formula milk powder, heart pacemakers, stents and so on to promote consumption and improve the livelihood of the people, closely related to people's life and health supplies; ; ; Robot auto production line, wide inkjet printers, organic light emitting diode display screens, electric vehicles using inverter module, a lithium-ion battery, stepless transmission with steel belt to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry and strategic emerging industries such as equipment, spare parts and raw materials; ; ; Kaolinite and mica sheet energy resource products, such as iron, tungsten, antimony, as well as the ship ballast water treatment equipment with filters, mu trains with capsule is helpful for energy conservation and emissions reduction of environmentally friendly products; ; ; Purple alfalfa, milk, stir self-propelled forage feeding support for products such as car; ; ; Feather, flax tow, automatic rotor spinning machine, etc. Support the development of textile industry products. Zhejiang online
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