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Wide inkjet dilemma bosses perspective or for reference _ printing machines, wide inkjet

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
Takeaway: wide inkjet is undoubtedly a piece of delicious cheese, but how to in a piece of cheese, each enterprise is not clear. Today, the perspective of bosses or bring us using for reference. Wide wide field of printing industry, according to some behind the scenes of printer manufacturers experts and will face the future. From a technical point of view, wide format printing development over the next few years to what field? Durst American company vice President of sales and marketing, cliff brent we obviously in small drops size is close to the end of the battle, and now the real challenge is to prove our platform can combining quality, reliability, and productivity, whether can replace the short version of offset printing market. Muto American company vice President and general manager Brian phipps: ink is a key component of new applications. The ink will be able to copy a larger color gamut, better adhesion and more long durability. New ink technology such as professional and industrial markets in new growing popularity in the market. UV can flexibly use different combination printer ink printing on various types of printing materials more effective. The G7 color certification of wide format printing systems is expected to extend to the front of the printing and offset printing market. Seiko instruments the company general manager fee pinot soto: in the next few years, the print head and ink technology will continue to expand the range of high quality printing quality and printing speed, increase productivity, reduce overall operating costs. As consumer demand will continue to develop more environmentally friendly ink. It easier than ever to manage printing devices, such as the development of new function and built-in automatic diagnosis function. Roland color product manager Eric zimmermann, will continue to progress in software development, there will be improved to make easier to use, wide printer equipment of unmanned and remote processing ability of workflow will get progress. Let users with printing enterprise in wireless communication and tablet computer printer control characteristics and innovation of various functions, etc. In the future there will be what kind of new wide wide printing application? Durst brent covered cliff: we see wide wide print is in printing enterprise to replace aging offset printing faster and faster pace. Printing enterprise can technically through a shorter version of printing, localization solutions truly make value-added products. Muto Brian phipps: I saw through the use of UV ink printing technology increased the adornment that occupy the home and the application of special printing. Dye sublimation of application have been expanding, including increase in the use of specific clothing and accessories. Vehicle graphics added alternative coatings market and become a new market. Wide format printing will also be further integrated into the traditional signs and screen printing production field. Seiko instruments fee pinot soto: sheet into a 3 d object or use of augmented reality to 4 d presents the new trend in the market, can be easily applied to graphics, point-of-sale advertising P metope. O. P。 Market, etc. Roland company Eric zimmermann: dye sublimation is not new, but rapid growth, to continuously expand the scope of applications on the surface of the textile, soft and hard. In ecological solvent, vehicle covering advertising also continues to grow steadily, and will extend coated objects ( From the wall to the tool box, instrument, etc. ) The growth in demand. What kind of markets for wide format printing products to expand? Durst brent covered cliff: of course we expect soft symbol of fashionable Europe over the next 18 to 24 months quickly expanded to North America. Retailers to the difference between investment in reality, the realization of wide format printing provides innovative brand marketers almost unlimited opportunities. Muto Brian phipps: textiles/dye sublimation application with product development easier listings and affordable. Retail point-of-sale advertising P. O. P。 To consumers in the enterprise and the packaging model making and the use of UV ink special product will also increase. At the same time, short-term signs and outdoor exhibition board market will continue as the economy and business development and expansion. In addition, we will see the commercial printing companies and prepress market can develop rapidly with wide format printing business. Seiko instruments fee pinot soto: although hanging graphics nearly won a lot of attention and murals, we see in higher resolution backlight print and digital flexface demand also increased due to the expansion of electronic sign market. Roland: Eric zimmermann proofing and model market is growing every year. Today, customers are looking for quickly and cost effectively making and finished products look the same to the method of the sample. Keyin network
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