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Why pay attention to fire prevention during the use of inkjet printers

by:Arojet     2021-08-01

As one of the marking machinery and equipment, the inkjet printer is a strong testimony to the development of high-tech technology in the past half a century. The emergence of the inkjet printer makes the information can be printed instantly, no longer need to rely on printing, printing and other technologies to achieve. The inkjet printer is an important tool for producing logos for production lines and products. It has the advantages of portability, installation, and simple operation, making this scientific and technological achievement widely used in modern industrial production. When using the inkjet printer, you need to abide by the relevant regulations, which are of great benefit to the inkjet printer and its own work efficiency. One point mentioned in these regulations is fire prevention. Many people have a certain understanding of the fire prevention of inkjet printers, but why do we have to be aware of fire prevention? It is mainly caused by the characteristics of ink and ink system, an important part of the inkjet printer. Although the ink is liquid under normal conditions, its real ingredients are chemical agents, ketones or alcohols, which act as solvents. They all have the characteristics of high volatility and combustibility. The high content of these components in the ink results in the possibility of burning the ink that is originally liquid even with a small amount of sparks. Although the ink system of the inkjet printer is relatively closed, the generation of sparks will bring about the possibility of combustion, which will have fatal consequences for the inkjet opportunity. Therefore, strict fire protection is required in the process of work and the workplace.

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