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Why LED coding opportunities are so popular in the market and enterprises

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
The production and processing of modern enterprises have strict standards for products, requiring that the same type of products must be exactly the same in size and specifications, followed by coding on the surface to make it clear that the production time, batch, serial number and other information must be complete. This can be done by LED inkjet printers. LED inkjet printers are equipment that can print codes on LEDs or LED lights. With the expansion of market demand, more and more companies choose to use LED inkjet printers, so why So many companies choose to use LED inkjet printers? 1. High speed and high efficiency. Factory production and processing are usually streamlined production, working in multiple links at the same time to ensure the speed and standard of production and processing. Therefore, when one link is lagging, there may be problems in multiple subsequent links. , Of course, the LED inkjet printer is also in the product processing link. With simple operation, it can quickly inkjet and mark the product, which greatly guarantees the efficiency of production. 2. Low cost and easy maintenance. In the factory production and processing, due to the off-season and peak seasons, the working hours are slightly different. When in the peak season, the working hours are shifted, but the machine runs for a long time, and the LED inkjet printer is also long. Time sticks to the work position, and the failure rate and service life are increased or shortened with the coding, but due to its lower cost and simple maintenance, it has won unanimous praise from many manufacturers. Third, the inkjet code is clear and good. When the factory produces LED lights, the surface materials are different due to different environments. Many manufacturers will ask the LED inkjet printer which effect is good according to the different materials used. Different materials have different coding effects, but as long as you choose a suitable LED printer, the coding effect will be guaranteed to ensure that the spraying is clear and not blurred. In addition, the four major advantages of LED inkjet printers are environmental protection. The spray ink is an environmentally friendly ink, which is completely harmless to the human body, non-toxic, does not pollute the sprayed LED light, and is not easy to eliminate. In the event of a spraying error, you need to wipe it with a professional eradicating agent in time, and the ink will not be clogged in a long-term standby state. The good performance ensures the market popularity of LED inkjet printers.
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