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Why does the building materials industry need coding?

by:Arojet     2021-07-24

If the building materials industry is refined, the building materials industry can be divided into dozens of varieties such as stainless steel materials, aluminum alloy materials, marble slabs, quartz stones, and gypsum boards. Then, a careful friend may find that no matter what kind of building material, there will be corresponding product identification, such as product name, quality level, production date, product batch number, inspection qualification, corporate logo and other information.

Why does the building materials industry need coding?

One of the reasons why companies add corresponding information to the product surface is to distinguish free brands from other products in the same industry, so that product users can more clearly understand the basic attributes of the product.

The corresponding information of the product identification can also guarantee the quality of the product and prevent fake and inferior products from affecting the brand image of its own products.

Improve consumer confidence. Compared with the use of Sanwu products, consumers rely more on manufacturers with complete identification information such as product manufacturers and product numbers. Thereby enhancing the tipping confidence of consumers.

It is convenient for enterprises to manage products. Since the product is sold to the market, the manufacturer has been unable to control the terminal sales of the product, and the phenomenon of product smashing often occurs. In order to facilitate the management of the product, the manufacturer can give the product corresponding information, as long as there is a smashing phenomenon When it appears, the company will find it the first time.

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