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Why can't the nozzle film (print head film) damage the inkjet printer?_Identification parts

by:Arojet     2021-07-27

Nozzle film, also called nozzle film, is a film pasted in front of the nozzle. Nozzle film is a layer of film applied on the surface of the nozzle of a high-resolution inkjet printer.

The nozzle film on the surface of the print head is made of polyimide film. After the nozzle film is damaged and scratched, the ink line of the nozzle will not be straight, which seriously affects the quality of the inkjet code. This is why the nozzle film (print head film) is damaged and the printer cannot be used.

In the daily use of the printer, you need to take extra care of the printer head. Care must be taken when the nozzle is maintained, assembled, disassembled, stored, cleaned or soaked. Never let the nozzle film touch any hard objects. The surface of the nozzle cannot be rubbed with any objects, nor can soft objects, because the fine hairs are easy to hang on the nozzle surface or damage the nozzle film.

In addition, if the nozzle is immersed for a long time and the cleaning fluid is injected into the nozzle for a long time, the nozzle film (polyimide film) and the cleaning fluid will chemically react, and the nozzle film is easy to fall off. If the nozzle film comes off, the nozzle can no longer be used.

Once the nozzle film is damaged or peeled off, the coding equipment can no longer be used, and the spray dock can only be replaced as a whole. Therefore, when using the inkjet printer, the maintenance and maintenance of the nozzle should be paid absolute attention. And the well-maintained nozzles can effectively extend the service life of the printer.


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