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When was the world's first installation high-resolution four-color ink jet printer _

by:Arojet     2021-04-29

on May 27, while the company ( RR Donnelley & 儿子公司) Announced its installation type 3 comprehensive printing system ( Integrated Printing System, English abbreviation IPS) 。 This is also the first resolution of 1200 dpi four color inkjet web press. The digital printing presses is made while the company's own, it has reached the printing speed, can be realized by companies can afford the cost of high quality variable data printing.

when silent and development of printing technology, the company already has more than 30 years, when the President and CEO of the company (quinlan iii Thomas J. 昆兰III) Said. We listen very carefully to our customers' opinions, and we can see on market has its own technology and technology together, as they need to provide optimal service. Our technical team of genius IPS 3 system is developed, in order to meet customers for high quality, high speed and lower price of four color variable data printing system's demand.

in more than a year ago, while the company has also developed the IPS 2 four color inkjet web press, this kind of equipment is the resolution of 600 dpi. The new system would be four color ink jet printing of IPS resolution doubled. This kind of new equipment for 30 inches in length, production speed rating for four-color printing, 400 feet per minute, double-color printing 800 feet per minute. It is reported, this equipment is mainly service business in the field of finance, it, will provide TransPromotional ( Promote the value-added bill) Open up a new business space.

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