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When was announced their r&d four-color drum inkjet printer paper

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
On all the drew the inkjet technology full of expectation, the giant American printing when he announced he had developed industry in the first resolution of 1200 dpi four-color drum inkjet printer paper. While the device is not drew on, but it is said that the 'ISP ( The integration of printing system) 3 printing function will be increased from 600 dpi resolution to two times. < P > the new printing machine is very suitable for used in financial services, because it is the printing width of 76 cm and 2. A four color output speed (3 m/s Double color printing of high speed of 4. 6 m/s) 。 < / P > < P > although for a printing plant, the development of the printer is not an unusual move, but they have labored in the 30 years of time. Fuji xerox printers strategy and new product conference was held in Beijing < / P >
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