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When using UV inkjet printers, the operators should know several precautions

by:Arojet     2021-09-22
In our daily use of inkjet printers, sometimes we have to pay attention to the details, especially when operating the inkjet printer. As an operator, you should understand the following points of attention. Next, let Guangzhou Jiangwei inkjet Machine manufacturers come to share with you about what aspects should be paid attention to in the use of UV inkjet printers! Installation of nozzles. The distance between the nozzle installation position and the printer should not be higher or less than 1.5m; in addition, we need to confirm that the product will not stop under the nozzle, because the backlog of the production line may cause leakage/partial leakage; at the same time, avoid nozzle vibration, Ensure that the nozzle and the support are insulated and not sprayed to the production line. Confirm that the nozzle position is convenient for repair and maintenance operations; finally, the nozzle should not be placed and installed too low to prevent rebound.  Damage caused by electrical interference. High-voltage wave peaks may cause damage to the parts, which may damage sensitive equipment of electrical interference, cause the failure of the microprocessor circuit board, and affect the normal operation of some chips. In this case, we must pay attention to this possibility and do not wind the wires/conductors around the large Avoid using motors and heaters near current wires. Try to keep the length of the wires as short as possible. At the same time, do not share the printer and the production line with the ground. Try to use the main circuit without inductive interference and connect the ground wire.   Wire and duct arrangement.   It is recommended to use cable ties, try to use wires with the right length, to avoid causing the nozzle to swing, consider the bending radius, avoid vibration and high current lines when routing the wires, and ensure that they will not be hit by other equipment during work. It is best to isolate the printer with a protective cover.   If the power supply is not good, it is best to use a voltage stabilizer to reduce power supply peaks and power loss. Do not use poor grounding, otherwise it may interfere with the input through the electric eye and synchronizer. Do not install the inkjet printer near the equipment with large interference, such as the spark machine of the cable production line. If you do not know what kind of equipment is around, you should ask the on-site personnel in time; make sure that the nozzle, the bracket and the production line are relatively independent to ensure that the production line is in place. No static electricity is generated near the nozzle.
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