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What should I do if there is ink scatter in the automatic UV inkjet printer in use?

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
Automated inkjet printer refers to a device that can be used to mark certain products, and it also has the characteristics of automation and intelligence. The inkjet printer is mainly controlled by software. When performing coding, the automated UV inkjet printer performs coding in a non-contact form. What should I do if there are some scattered ink spots when the user uses the inkjet printer to mark objects? Next, let Guangzhou Jiangweilai give you a brief explanation. UV inkjet printer 1. The nozzle hole may be clogged, but not completely clogged, so the ink droplets printed by the nozzle are no longer straight, so the spray paint content is scattered, just remove the nozzle and clean the nozzle. 2. It is possible that the voltage of the nozzle is too high, which causes the strength of the spray paint to increase, and the printed material is relatively hard. At this time, only need to reduce the voltage. 3. The inkjet printing interval is too long, it will also cause the phenomenon of inkjet scattered dots, and the aging of the nozzle of the inkjet printer may also produce inkjet scattered dots. 4. It may also be caused by unstable transportation of printed products, which may result in scattered printing dots. In addition, if there are other signals that interfere with the inkjet printer, it may also spread the phenomenon of scattered points. 5. When using the inkjet printer, you need to be careful not to mix different inks, even if the production date is different, it can't be mixed, otherwise it will cause the inkjet nozzle to block and spray printing. The above is a solution for some of the scattered points of inkjet used in automatic UV inkjet printers, I hope it can be helpful to you.
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