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What printer is used to print QR codes in the seed industry?

by:Arojet     2021-07-28

What printer is used to print QR codes in the seed industry?

At present, there are many inkjet printers suitable for marking QR codes in the domestic market, but in actual purchase, due to the particularity of the seed industry, the QR codes that are really suitable for marking the seed industry are also limited. Today, Oulance will share with you what type of inkjet printers suitable for the identification of the seed industry in response to the identification problems faced by the seed industry?

The packaging is complex, with various packaging types and materials. There are various types of seed packaging, including packaging bags, packaging boxes, and metal cans. At present, the commonly used thermal transfer printers on the market can only spray codes on packaging bags. If the packaging boxes and metal cans are sprayed with QR codes, other models need to be purchased separately, which undoubtedly increases the cost for seed companies. The purchase of two-dimensional code inkjet printers is more inclined to inkjet printers that can print on all three types of packaging. Several types such as laser marking machine, UV inkjet printer, high resolution inkjet printer, etc.

The seed industry is seasonal, and the number of packaging bags that need to be marked is limited. Unlike other daily chemical or fast-selling products, the seed industry has strong seasonality and limited output. The speed requirements of the QR code printer are not high, and it can basically meet the actual production needs. A comprehensive comparison of the prices and usage of consumables of the three models of laser marking machine, UV inkjet printer and high resolution inkjet printer shows that the high resolution inkjet printer is more suitable for the identification of the seed industry.

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