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What is the meaning of the product's variable two-dimensional code for the enterprise?


In the traditional process management environment, logistics warehousing, anti-smuggling and other links have a strong dependence on manual operations, and management efficiency is relatively low. So what is the meaning of assigning a variable QR code to the product packaging? ! First of all, the variable two-dimensional code can assist the enterprise to carry out a series of management projects, timely monitoring in the production process, logistics and warehousing operations, dealer channels, not only high efficiency, high accuracy, but also can reduce auditors and warehouse administrators. Waiting for labor costs to save money for the company. These are just the internal assistance of the variable QR code. It can also be used for product anti-counterfeiting and marketing activities. By scanning the QR code, the consumer can accurately query and trace the product information, and scan the variable two-dimensional with anti-counterfeiting function. The code can identify the authenticity of the product. The variable QR code can be used for member management, brand promotion and consumer interaction online, and targeted marketing. Compared with other marketing methods, QR code has low operating costs, which can help companies save a lot of marketing expenses.

In terms of laws and regulations, as early as 2010, the State Food and Drug Administration requested that all successful bidders producing basic drug varieties should join the drug electronic supervision network. Before the basic drug varieties are shipped from the factory, the production enterprises must be listed as required. The product's minimum sales package is printed (posted) with the uniform identification of the drug electronic supervision code, and data collection and submission through the supervision network. It is the demand of two-dimensional codes in some special industries. For example, civil explosive products and some special products, although the scale of the products is small, but because of its particularity, its supervision and control can not be ignored, with the help of QR code application. Tracking and traceability capabilities allow real-time monitoring of such products. At this level, a variable QR code has to be placed on the product packaging.

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